1377x vs. Kickass Torrents

1377x vs. Kickass Torrents are the world’s most famous torrent websites, where consumers find a lot of movies, TV shows, films, interviews, and other entertainment videos. These websites allow people to download their favorite movies without particular proxy problems. Torrent files are the most commonly used tools for sharing pirated and illegal content, including movies, TV serials, and other data.

Major Differences

Despite that 1377x vs. Kickass Torrents are torrent websites, there are many differences in their functions and features. Such differences help people choose a platform for movies and other entertainment videos. Let us discuss the significant differences between 1377x and Kickass Torrents.

What is 1377x?

1377x is one of the world’s most famous torrent websites where consumers can easily watch and download movies, games, music, sports videos, and entertainment. 1377x is ranked 3rd most popular torrent movie website. Developers officially launched it in the initials of 2007.

Moreover, it provides torrent links for movies. 1377x is a simple and easy-to-access torrent website that helps people to search and watch their favorite movies, listen to their favorite songs, play their favorite games, and much more.


  • Easy access
  • Index torrent website
  • HTML and PHP support
  • Free of cost
  • Good and quality services

What is Kickass Torrents?

Kickass Torrents (also abbreviated as KAT) is a well-known entertainment torrent website. This torrent platform provides various movies, video games, music albums, TV shows, and drama serials.

Since its launch in 2008, it has been a peer-to-peer source for torrent file sharing. KAT is available in more than 30 languages which helps people to watch their favorite movies in their native languages.


  • Directory role to torrent files
  • Easy to access
  • Free Downloading
  • Fee less website
  • A large variety of entertainment videos

Key Differences between 1377x vs. Kickass Torrents:

  1. 1377x is a more trusted torrent website as compared to Kickass Torrents.
  2. 1377x is ranked as no. Three torrent websites, while Kickass Torrent is ranked as the no.8 torrent website worldwide.
  3. 1377x came into being in 2007, while Kickass Torrents appeared in 2008.
  4. 1377x, in contrast to Kickass Torrents, as more viewers traffic.
  5. 1377x has more variety of entertainment stuff as compared to Kickass Torrents.
  6. 1377x, in comparison to Kickass Torrents, does not give access to TV serials.
  7. 1377x provides the original products, while Kickass Torrents offers domains for its products.
  8. 1377x has more BitTorrent index as compared to Kickass Torrents.

Comparison Table of 1377x vs. Kickass Torrents

Features 1377x Kickass Torrents
World Ranking 3rd 8th
Average traffic Larger Lower
Bit Torrent index High Low
Releasing 2007 2008


We can say that 1377x, and Kickass Torrents are pretty different. There are clear-cut differences in their features, popularity, and other aspects. We hope that you are now well aware of the major differences between them.

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