14 SEER vs. 15 SEER

14 SEER and 15 SEER are Air conditioners that are highly used worldwide to cool homes and offices.

Main Difference

14 SEER is an old air conditioner system that has been offering its services for decades. It refers to the single-stage compressor. It is mainly for home use. On the other hand, 15 SEER is also an air conditioning system but is more efficient than 14 SEER.

It is more suited for commercial buildings. Moreover, users are confused about the exact definition of 14 SEER and 15 SEER air conditioning systems. Here we try to clarify their confusion and tell the main differences between 14 SEER and 15 SEER in detail.

What is 14 SEER?


14 SEER is an air conditioning system that is highly using in all over the world. It helps users to keep their homes cool in the summer season. 14 SEER is less efficient as opposed to 15 SEER. Moreover, 14 SEER can more easily remove humidity from the air in your house. Furthermore, it is enough for home usage due to its small size, but it is accurate to cool a house on scorching days. In addition, the noise level of 14 SEER in the environment is average as 60 decibels. Lastly, 14 SEER offers the users a dual-speed fan motor that is enough for a single family.


  • It removes 67% of humidity from the air
  • 14 SEER is enough for single family
  • Helpful on full hot days
  • Average noise level
  • Average size
  • Efficient
  • Single- stage
  • Dual-speed motor

What is 15 SEER?


15 SEER is an advanced air conditioning building due to its large size. It is more efficient as compared to 14 SEER. Moreover, it has more accurate and powerful units than other SEERs. It absorbs about 83% humidity from the environment. Furthermore, 15 SEER air conditioners produce an average noise level of 67db. In addition, it has an immense capability to transfer heat into cooling.


  • It has more powerful units
  • More efficient
  • Absorb 83% humidity from the air
  • Accurate for commercial buildings
  • Comparatively large size
  • Average noise level
  • Additional features
  • 15 SEER is environment friendly

Key Differences between 14 SEER and 15 SEER

  1. 14 SEER is correct for home usage. On the other hand, 15 SEER is suitable for large buildings.
  2. 14 SEER removes more humidity from the air compared to 15 SSER.
  3. 15 SEER is more efficient as compared to 14 SEER.
  4. 14 SEER produces less noise level as opposed to 15 SEER.
  5. 15 SEER is more environmentally friendly than 14 SEER.

Comparison Chart of 14 SEER vs. 15 SEER

Features 14 SEER 15 SEER
Usage For single family For large buildings
Efficiency Less efficient More efficient
Features Compressor and fan motor Blower, coil, ductwork
Noise level 60 db 67 db
Humidity 85% 83%


In a nutshell, we can say that 14 SEER and 15 SEER are different. They are helpful in various fields of life.

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