75 Hard vs. FitCoach

75 Hard and FitCoach are both fitness program that helps the person to achieve their personal goals. 75 Hard is a more challenging program with strict guidelines compared to FitCoach.

Main Difference

The 75 Hard fitness program lasts 75 days, while the fitch coach fitness program duration depends on the coaches. Both fitness programs have many benefits that help maintain health, reduce mental stress, lose weight, and many more. Let us discuss the main differences between 75 Hard and FitCoach in detail.

What is 75 Hard?

75 Hard is a mental toughness and fitness program in which they give the challenge to follow 75 days regularly without any exceptions.

  • Follow the dead by not drinking alcohol and cheat meals.
  • Daily exercise two times, about 45 minutes, and workout outdoors.
  • Take a progress photo every day.
  • Read ten pages of books which is non-fiction.
  • Follow the personal development program for at least 10 minutes.

Suppose the people who follow complete discipline must extend their period. This program is top-rated on social media, and people share their results after following the challenge. People should advise their doctor and consultant to follow this fitness program.

What is FitCoach?

FitCoach is a home-based workout. It is very beneficial, and it does not take much time. You can exercise for almost 30 minutes daily and burn almost 200+ calories. It is a legit program that helps people to live healthy and balanced lifestyles. It is a free app, but it requires a subscription fee. In addition, this app is developed by Caroline Dale.

  • Receiving the personalized fitness and nutrition plan
  • People can access their coach, which gives the guidelines
  • Access to the community and get motivation
  • Completing the assessment to know the fitness level

Key Differences between 75 Hard and FitCoach

  1. 75 Hard is a tough mental challenge as compared to the FitCoach.
  2. Jillian Michaels creates a fit coach coaching program. On the other side, 75 Hard is produced by Andy Frisella.
  3. The focus of 75 Hard is mental toughness and discipline. On the other hand, the direction of FitCoach is guidance and motivation.
  4. 75 Hard fitness program duration is 75 days. In contrast, the FitCoach fitness program duration depends on the coaches.
  5. 75 Hard has personal accountability. On the other side, FitCoach people take support from the fitness coach.

Comparison table between 75 Hard and FitCoach

Features    75 Hard FitCoach
Creator Andy Frisella Jillian Michaels
Focus Mental toughness and discipline Individual fitness goal
Results Physical and mental transformations Achieving fitness goals and helping to improve the health
Duration 75 days Depend on the fitness coach


In a nutshell, we can say that both 75 Hard and FitCoach are different. Both platforms are different in terms of their features and functions. However, these platforms can help you to gain fitness and become competent.

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