AFC(American Football Conference) and NFC(National Football Conference) collectively forms American National League. AFC and NFC were founded in 1970 and currently have 16 teams each.

Main Difference

These are the crucial organization of the football system in America and the primary source of money for their chief organizers. AFC and NFC are tough competitors of each other. Furthermore, there is a great rivalry between AFC and NFC teams. There are four divisions of each conference, viz. North Division, East Division, West Division, and South Division.

Introduction to AFC

AFC is the abbreviation of the American Football Conference, which is a vital part of the American National League. It contains 16 teams. AFC provides a lot of incentives and benefits to its permanent employees. However, American Football Conference is criticized for poor safety measures for its players and organizers. AFC contains the following teams:

  1. Miami Dolphins 2.Houston Texas
  2. Buffalo Bills 4. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Denver Broncos 6.New York Jet
  4. San Diego Chargers 8. Tennesse Titans
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers 10.Cleveland Browns
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars 12.New England Patriots
  7. Oakland Raiders 14.Kansas City chiefs
  8. Cincinnati Bengals   16. Indianapolis Clots

These teams fight with great courage and attitude in the groups of the National Football Conference.

Introduction to NFC

NFC is the abbreviation of the National Football Conference, which works under the shade of the American National League. NFC has 24 super bowl wins and has been functional since 1970. NFC offers many incentives and rewards for its employees and teams. National Football Conference provides free medical care services to its players in case of injury. It has the following 16 sections:

  1. Chicago Bears 2. Detriot Lions
  2. Greenbay Packers 5.Minnesota Vikings
  3. Atlanta Falcons 6. Carolina Panthers
  4. New Orleans Strains 8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  5. Washington Redskins 10. Philadelphia Eagles
  6. New York Giants 12. Dallas Cowboys
  7. Arizona Cardinals 14. ST. Louis rams
  8. San Fransisco 49ers 16. Seattle Seahawks

There is a great rivalry between the teams of NFC and AFC.

Key Differences between AFC and NFC

  1. AFC is the abbreviation of the American Football Conference, while NFC is the abbreviation of the National Football Conference.
  2. AFC has 27, while NFC has 24 super bowl wins.
  3. AFC is the predecessor of the AFL( American Football League), while NFC is the predecessor of the NFL(National Football League).
  4. In contrast to NFC, AFC provides healthcare facilities to its players.
  5. AFC, in contrast to NFC, is criticized due to the insufficient security of its players.
  6. Each team of AFC earns an average of 1.17 billion dollars, while each NFC earns an average of 2.3 billion dollars.

Comparison Chart Between AFC vs. NFC

Headline AFC NFC
Full Form American Football Conference National football conference
Foundation 1970 1970
Super Bowl wins 27 24
Players health care No Yes


In a nutshell, we can see that AFC and NFC are different football associations that are always great rivals with each other.

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