Apple Cider vs. Apple Juice

Apple Cider and Apple Juice are fantastic apple recipes that are liked and drunk everywhere. Mainly, people consider that Apple Juice and Apple Cider are the two names of the same thing. However, it must be clear that they are entirely different things.

Main Difference

Apple Cider and Apple Juice are different things that differ in the perspective of their manufacturing, flavor, transparency, storage properties, etc. They have different uses and require different methodologies for their preparation. One can be stored while the other cannot be. Let us discuss the significant differences between Apple Cider and Apple Juice:

What is Apple Cider?

Apple Cider is a vinegar-type Apple drink prepared by fermenting raw sugar from apples. This fermented product is further processed to prepare Acetic Acid, a main ingredient of apple vinegar. Apple Cider is delicious and rich-in-flavor apple beverage. It is different from Apple Juice because it is a pure apple beverage without filtration or preservatives. It is beneficial for health and keeps us energetic. Best drink for weight loss.

Uses of Apple Cider

  • A rich source of potassium(K) is beneficial for heart health.
  • Help to gain weight
  • Rich source of nutrients
  • Instant source of energy

What is Apple Juice?

Apple Juice is like other fruit juices, prepared by crushing and pressing the apples. Apple Juice is an instant source of energy that can also be stored by adding some preservatives. It is sometimes used as medicine to treat patients suffering from different diseases. Apple juice helps to lose weight. You require a juice maker to prepare it.

Uses of Apple Juice

  • It helps to lose weight
  • Healthy drink for heart
  • Rich source of potassium and other nutrients
  • Contains different antioxidants
  • Effective medicine for various diseases

Differences between Apple Juice and Apple Cider

  1. Apple Cider is prepared by fermentation, while Apple Juice is prepared by crushing apples.
  2. Apple Cider is a thick viscous fluid, while Apple Juice is a transparent drink.
  3. Apple Cider, in contrast to Apple Cider, is prepared by filtration.
  4. Apple Cider is a seasonal item, while Apple juice is available in all seasons.
  5. Apple Cider is lighter in taste, while Apple Juice is rich in flavor.
  6. In contrast to Apple Juice, Apple Cider can not be stored long.
  7. Apple cider requires a fermentation process, while Apple Juice is easy to prepare.

Comparison Table of Apple Cider and Apple Juice

Key Heading Apple Cider Apple Juice
Prepared by Fermentation Grinding
Storage Not possible Yes
Transparency Low High
Pulp of Apple Yes No


In a nutshell, we can say that Apple Cider and Apple Juice are different things. They are different in their methods of production and other properties. People use them according to their taste.

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