Asana vs. Wrike

The management of every organization plays a vital role in that organization’s development and growth. In this era of technology, management software replaces the management staff, which is efficient and more valuable than costly management labor.

Asana and Wrike are the most famous management software that provides services to organize an organization’s critical aspects. However, these platforms can be differentiated based on their features.

Main Difference

Asana helps consumers to sectionize the project, while Wrike helps make reports on the present day’s progress. Asana is free for 15 members team, while Wrike is free for up to 5 members. One provides budgeting services, while others lack this. Let us discuss the significant differences between asana and Wrike.

What is Asana?

Asana is a prominent American management software company that assists consumers in managing their work gloriously. Asana started its services in 2008(15 years ago). Moreover, this company has the features to organize, manage, run, and track the management works.

Asana is free to use up to 15 workers. Its services include project management, team management, work management, productivity management, and collaboration software. In addition, consumers can divide their work into sections through its quality guidance.


  • Best management software
  • Easy to access
  • Free for up to 15 members team
  • Comprehensive tools and techniques
  • Tracking of tasks

What is Wrike?

Wrike is the most versatile work management application in the USA, founded in 1999(24 years ago). This platform provides tools and techniques for project management, analysis, organization, and working.

Moreover, it allows you to create different work management teams, bringing efficiency and enabling you to complete work before the deadline. Wrike is free for single users; however, a subscription is required for team management. It avails its services in different countries in different languages. Moreover, consumers can manage their projects and collaborates with other communities.


  • Full project planning
  • Division of work
  • Free for a single user
  • Easy to access
  • Nested projects
  • Quality management services

Major differences between asana and Wrike

  1. Asana assists in managing work, while Wrike helps to fast the career.
  2. Asana is free for up to 15 group members, while Wrike is free for five embers team.
  3. Asana has the feature of in-person training, while Wrike lacks this feature.
  4. Asana has no live support services, while Wrike provides live chat support.
  5. Asana does not give budget management tools, while Wrike offers budget management tools.

Comparison table of Asana vs. Wrike

Feature Asana              Wrike
Key feature Division of project Management of work
Free for 15 team members 5 team members
Budgeting feature No Yes
Live chat support No Yes


In a nutshell, we can say that asana and Wrike are pretty different. They are different in their features and function. However, we would request you use asana.

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