Authoritarian vs. Libertarian

Authoritarian and Libertarian are types of Government prevailing in the world. Different countries have either Authoritarian or Libertarian systems. An authoritarian State is one in which the public strictly obeys the rules and regulations implemented by the Government, while a Libertarian state is one in which the people enjoy much independence. They are no restrictions to strict regulations.

Main Difference

People in authoritarian states follow the law of the state and feel safe and secure. In a Libertarian state, People do not follow the state’s law and live their lives in their ways. Libertarians do not have an interest in Government. The following discussion will discuss key differences between Authoritarians and Libertarians.

What is Authoritarian?

Authoritarianism is a type of thinking/idea/belief where Government plays a vital role in the state’s management. Government implements its rules and regulations on the public. People found that they were safe in the Authoritarian system and that they could protect their rights. In an Authoritarian system, Government takes responsibility for the public’s welfare.

Features of Authoritarianism

  • Has a crucial role in the state.
  • People trust on Government.
  • An authoritarian state neglects individual autonomy.
  • It is trustable if it plays its role in the right way.
  • The Government takes the oath of public welfare.

What is a Libertarian?

It is also a type of thinking in which people get freedom from strict policies and laws. Libertarians believe in personal freedom and do not like foreign intervention. Libertarians are enthusiastic about providing property and economic rights to everyone.

Features of Libertarian

  • Authoritarians do not believe in the Government system.
  • Only traditional and non-conservative people like this system and want the implementation of this system.
  • There is no central body in the Authoritarian and no implementation of rules and regulations. Authoritarianism believes in a government-regulated economy.

Key Differences between Authoritarian and Libertarian:

  1. Authoritarian considers Government necessary for the well-being of the state, while Libertarian does not believe in Government.
  2. Libertarian, in contrast to Authoritarians, does not have strict rules and regulations.
  3. Authoritarianism gives the public a high level of freedom, while Libertarians do not offer it.
  4. Authoritarianism is acceptable for conservative people, while Libertarianism is acceptable for non-conservative people.
  5. Authoritarian has a low level of individual autonomy, while Libertarian gives a high level of personal independence.
  6. Authoritarians like foreign relationships, while libertarians do not like foreign intervention.

Comparison table between Authoritarian and Libertarian

Features Authoritarian Libertarian
Government role Maximum Minimum
Personal autonomy High Low
Acceptable for Conservatives people Non-conservative people
Civil liberties No Yes
The rule of law Yes No


In a nutshell, we can say Authoritarian and Libertarian are pretty different from each other. However, both ideas are not acceptable in the world. They are the thoughts of different people having different types of thinking.

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