Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey

Bourbon and Whiskey are the popular types of spirits made by fermentation. Bourbon and Whiskey contain the respective content of certain grains like corn, barley, wheat, etc. Bourbon is a type of Whiskey consisting of more than 50% of corn, while Whiskey is made from different cereals, including corn, wheat, rye, barley, etc.

Main Difference

Bourbon and Whiskey are similar in certain aspects, yet are different in various aspects. Bourbon is purely an American recipe; on the other side, Whiskey is a multi-national recipe. Let us discuss the significant differences between them.

What is Bourbon?

Bourbon is a type of American Whiskey that is made from corn. It has characterized vanilla, caramel, and oak flavor and is used in cocktails. Bourbon is made with 50% corn and is a type of Whiskey. In addition, its taste is sweet and smooth and was first produced in the 18th century.

Some most famous brands of Bourbon are Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, and others. It can be enjoyed with ice or a cocktail. Moreover, anyone fulfilling the legal requirements can produce Bourbon in the US. The color of Bourbon is dark, and it must be labeled.

What is Whiskey?

Whiskey is made from different cereals, including corn, wheat, rye, barley, etc. It is a type of distilled spirit and a multi-national recipe. In addition, it is produced by the distillation and fermentation of grains and then the resulting confidence in wooden barrels. In addition, there are many types of Whiskey, each with its characteristics. Some essential types of Whiskey are Scotch, Irish whiskey, Rye whiskey, and others.

Moreover, people can enjoy Whiskey with ice and cocktails. It has complex flavors and aromas. Its taste depends on the Whiskey type and its aging process’s lengths.

Key Differences between Bourbon and Whiskey

  1. Bourbon is made only in the United States, while Whiskey is made anywhere.
  2. Bourbon consists of more than 50% of corn. On the other hand, Whiskey is made from different cereals, including corn, rye, barley, and others.
  3. The bourbon flavor is sweet and available in vanilla and caramel flavors, whereas Whiskey has different tastes, and all the flavors depend on the grains and aging process.
  4. Bourbon is produced in Kentucky. On the other side, Whiskey is made in many regions worldwide.
  5. Bourbon is labeled as Bourbon, while Whiskey uses different terms, such as Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whiskey.
  6. Due to the aging process, Bourbon has dark color compared to Whiskey.

Comparison Table

Aspects     Bourbon Whiskey
Location Made in United State Made anywhere in the world.
Mash bill More than 50% of corn Made from different cereals, including barley, rye, and others
Production Distilled to no more than 80% of ABV It may be distilled to a higher ABV
Tradition The tradition of the United States It has its own unique practice and cultural association


As a whole, we can say that Bourbon and Whiskey are pretty different. They show deviations in their production, tradition, and location.

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