Christian vs. Catholic – Differences & Comparison

Christianity is a diverse religion that has a wide variety of beliefs and practices. According to different beliefs of people, Christianity is divided into many branches. Catholicism is a branch of Christianity with unique characteristics that make it different from other beliefs of Christianity. The head of the Catholic pope and bishop of Rome. On the other hand, the leadership of Christians can vary between denominations.

Main Difference

Every Catholic is Christian, but every Christian is not Catholic. Both are different from each other concerning beliefs and leaders. Christians have a larger community as compared to Catholics all over the world. Let us discuss the main differences between Christianity and Catholicism in detail.

Who are Christians?

Christians keep their belief in Jesus and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. The leadership structure of Christians can vary between denominations. In Christianity, many denominations believe in two sacraments: communion and baptism. The feeling of Christians is that Jesus is the son of God. Also, they consider Jesus the savior of humanity.

Moreover, Christians think that through the death and resurrection of Jesus, he offers salvation to all believers. The Holy book of Christians is Bible, which was enlightened on Jesus. Bible is available in every region of the world. There are millions of Christians all over the world. Due to beliefs and leaders, Christianity is divided into many branches. The Holy symbol of Christians is the cross.

Who are Catholics?

Catholicism is a branch of Christianity, so every Catholic is Christian, but we can say that every Christian is not. Catholics are different from Christians due to their beliefs and leaders. The head of the church of Catholics is the Pope and Bishop of Rome.

They keep believing in seven sacraments: Eucharist, Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony, and Holy Orders. Catholics, compared to Christians, may have more ceremonies and rituals like candles, holy water, incense, and other symbols. They believe that salvation can achieve through good works and faith.

Key Differences between Catholic and Christian

  1. Every Catholic is Christian, but every Christian is not Catholic.
  2. Christians think Jesus is the source of salvation, while Catholics believe good works and faith can achieve salvation.
  3. Catholics believe in seven sacraments, while Christians mostly believe in two or more sacraments.
  4. Catholics have a well-defined hierarchy, whereas Christians have a less hierarchical structure.
  5. Christians believe mostly in scripture, while Catholics believe in tradition and scripture.

Comparison chart

Features         Christians Catholics
Church hierarchy Less church hierarchical structure Well-defined hierarchical structure
Believe of salvation Jesus is the source of salvation Salvation depends on good works and faith
Sacraments Believe in two sacraments or maybe more Believe in seven sacraments
Number of followers A large number of followers Comparatively, less number of followers


We conclude that Catholics and Christians are pretty different from each other. Both have different faith, beliefs, symbols, and leaders.

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