Coin Master vs. Pirate Kings: What’s the Difference?

These games are a source of earning while playing games. You can make screen recording videos and then upload them on social media. Let us discuss more details in deep of Coin Master and Pirate Kings.

Main Difference

Coin Master and Pirate Kings are gaming applications. These are the way of fun and enjoyment. You can spend your spare time playing these games. Coin Master is a game in which the leading role is pet that plays a vital role in this game.

On the other hand, Pirate Kings is also a gaming application, but in this game, the leading player is an animated boy who roles as a brigand.

What is Coin Coin Master?

Coin Master is a gaming application. This game came into being in 2010. It is a well-known game on social media due to its best services. Moreover, it is a coin-building game where the leading role is a pet. It is straightforward to play for everyone.

You have to collect coins from your enemies, and then you can build your island. Lastly, it offers you coin cards. It is a way of fun and pleasure and also a way to spend free time. Furthermore, more than 100 million people have downloaded this game. In addition, players give excellent reviews after playing this game.


  • Way of fun
  • Widely spreading
  • Easy to play
  • Free download
  • Easy to access
  • Offer spin wheel
  • Best services
  • Free coins

What are Pirate Kings?

Pirate Kings is also a gaming platform that is so much interesting. Suppose one starts to play this game and becomes addicted to it. It offers a spin wheel where you can get more prices and coins. Moreover, the leading role is a pet that collects the cash. Pet builds an island.

In this game, you can also get a protection wall and shield. During playing Pirate Kings, you can record the screen while getting a reward, and then by uploading it on social media, you can earn a lot of money.

Furthermore, more than 10 million people have downloaded it. In addition, Pirate Kings is a widely spreading application that is played all over the world. Lastly, Pirate Kings is free of cost to download and play. You can install it from App Store or Google Play Store.


  • Free installing
  • Widely spreading
  • Easy to play
  • Easy to access
  • Free all features
  • Source of fun
  • Way of earning
  • Good users services

Key Differences between Coin Master and Pirate Kings

  1. The leading role in Pirate Kings is a brigand; on the other hand, Coins Master has a pet as a leading role.
  2. Coins Master is older than Pirate Kings.
  3. Coins master has 100 million downloads, while Pirate Kings has ten million installing.
  4. Coins master is the most efficient as compared to Pirate Kings.
  5. Coins Master gets more reviews than Pirate kings.

Comparison table between Coin Master and Pirate Kings

Feature Coin Master Pirate Kings
Leader Brigand Pet
Version Classical New
Downloads 100 Million 10 Million
Fame More Average


After many discussions, we realized that Coin Master and Pirate Kings differ in various aspects. There are prominent differences in their features and functions. Moreover, we shall recommend you play Pirate Kings.