DFD vs. Flowchart

DFD and Flowchart are two representations of an algorithm. The Flowchart represents the flow of control in a proper way. Flowchart works on the physical points of action. On the other hand, DFD shows information, movement, pictures, and others. The complete form of DFD is Data.

Main Difference

Flow Diagram. Moreover, Flowchart’s representation is diagrammatic, while DFD’s is graphical. Let us discuss the main differences between DFD and Flowchart in detail to clarify the confusion of users.

What is DFD?

DFD is a representation system that users use to represent the data flow and process. The complete form of DFD is Data Flow Diagram, which is highly used to describe processes and flow. Moreover, DFD allows the data to refer to information.

It is a graphical representation of information, data, picture, or others. Furthermore, a Data Flow Diagram is mainly used to describe the functionality of a process. DFD has two types: A logical data flow diagram and a Physical data flow diagram. In addition, DFD is more applicable to complicated processors. A data Flow Diagram is suitable for a high-level system.

What is Flowchart?

A Flowchart is a representation of a process of a solution model of a problem. A flowchart shows the process or system in the form of a Diagram. It is effortless to use or make a chart. Moreover, to manage a program. A flowchart is a great choice. Also, with the help of this chart, users can analyze and design the program.

Furthermore, a Flowchart is a step-by-step process that makes it easy to understand and solve the problem. A flowchart is available in many types, such as Document Flowchart, program, Data, and System Flowchart. In addition, it is applicable for small to medium programs. In short, Flowchart is the best way to represent an Algorithm.

Key Differences between Flowchart and DFD

  1. The representation nature of the Flowchart is diagrammatic, while the representation nature of DFD is graphical.
  2. DFD applies to complicated programs, whereas Flowchart is unsuitable for complex processes.
  3. DFD helps to understand a system, while Flowchart helps to analyze the program.
  4. The flowchart helps to manage a process, whereas DFD does not control the program.
  5. A Flowchart is commonly used to design a process, while DFD describes a program’s functionality.
  6. DFD represents data flow, while Flowchart shows steps to a complete program.

Comparison table between Flowchart and DFD

Features Flowchart DFD
Used for Analyze the program Understand the system
Applicable for Small programs Complex programs
Representation base Diagrammatic representation Graphical representation
Types Four types Two types
Used in Design and manage a program Define the path of data


In a nutshell, we can say that flowcharts and DFD differ in many aspects.

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