Diet Pepsi vs Pepsi Max – What’s the Difference?

The difference between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max is 0 and low in calories. The diet Pepsi contains 0 calories while the Pepsi Max comes with low calories. However, both are carbonated drinks.

What is Diet Pepsi?

Diet Pepsi is a product of Pepsi released in 1964 by PepsiCo manufacture. First, it was introduced as Patio Diet Cola; later, it was renamed diet Pepsi. It contains no calories; however, it is a carbonated drink that was first launched in America.

Since the Pepsi diet was introduced in other countries by the name Pepsi Light, its strong competitor was Diet Coke, a brand of cola company introduced in 1982.

What is Pepsi Max?

If you are looking for an alternative to Pepsi and diet Pepsi, then Pepsi Max is for you as the same company with low sugar and low calories released.  It debuted in 1993 and was sold to more than 20 countries. However, the product was unavailable in America until 2006.  This is because the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t approve the ingredient involved in the product known as acesulfame potassium.

Key Differences

  • Pepsi Max originated in Turkey, while diet Pepsi originated in America.
  • Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max are carbonated drinks, but Pepsi Max comes with sugar-free carbonated material.
  • Pepsi Max was introduced in 1993, while diet Pepsi was launched in 1964.
  • Pepsi Max comes with high caffeine content, while diet Pepsi contains low caffeine content.
  • Pepsi Max has zero sugar cola, while diet Pepsi comes with zero carbohydrate cola.
  • There is no Calgary and diet Pepsi while a low calorie in Pepsi Max.
  • Diet Pepsi has different flavors, including lime twist and lemon twist, while Pepsi Max comes with ginger, vanilla lime, and mango flavors.

Comparison Table Between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max

Diet Pepsi Pepsi Max
Diet Pepsi is carbohydrate-free Pepsi. Pepsi max is sugar-free Pepsi.
United States United Kingdom
In 1964 1993
It does not include these nutrients Acesulfame potassium
Caffeine Content
22 mg 43 mg
Aspartame Content
111 mg 77 mg
Zero carbohydrates cola Sugar-free cola
Zero-calorie Low calories
Diet Pepsi Lime Twist, Diet Pepsi Lemon Twist Pepsi Max Twist, Pepsi Max Punch
Weight gain linked with diabetes Dementia, Alzheimer’s


Add then, we would like to inform you that both are carbonated drinks, and the only difference is that diet Pepsi is carbohydrate-free and Calorie-free; meanwhile, Pepsi Max is a sugar-free low-calorie carbonated drink.

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