College Bound-Episode 1 vs. Romance Club – Comparison & Differences

College bound-Episode one and Romance Club are the two explorer games full of dangerous and battling monsters. However, both the games are adult-oriented, containing massive nude content, which is unusual for people under 18.

Main Difference

College Bound Episode 1 presents the story of college girls, while Romance Club depicts romantic stories. These games are different in numerous aspects. Let us discuss them.

College Bound Episode 1

College-bound. Episode 1 is an adult-oriented video game developed and published by FOZ games. In the CB, the character is bound to college and must complete specific tasks. College Bound has massive sexual content, unsuitable for people of lower age.

Moreover, this game revolves around a girl and her girlfriend who are bound to a hell of college despite a scholarship. These girls have to face specific difficulties in their college life. In addition, it is compatible with all Windows versions and runs smoothly on it. It must be remembered that College Bound Episode 1 is a free-to-play casual game.


  • Available on Steam
  • Easy to access
  • Free to play
  • Positive reviews
  • Animated themes
  • Nude-oriented

Introduction Romance Club


As the name depicts, Romance Club is a romance-based video game developed and published by Your Story Interactive. The story of this game is oriented with fantasy and visual themes. Moreover, romance Club is a newly developed game compatible with iOS and Android. Its windows version is still not released, but rumors are it will soon be available.

There are numerous features in this game. Players can customize their characters, i.e., either sexy, bold, or guy. Moreover, this game is full of fantasy, drama, horror, adventure, thrill, and more. In addition, dozens of stories are coming soon by Romance Club.


  • Multiple endings
  • Easy to access
  • Character customization
  • Adventure and thrill
  • Lovely storyline

Key Differences between College Bound Episode 01 and Romance Club

  1. College Bound is more popular than Romance Club because it is older than Romance Club.
  2. College Bound has more nude content as compared to Romance Club.
  3. The storyline of College Bound is about the college life of female students, while that of Romance Club revolves around romance.
  4. College Bound does not have adventure themes, while College Bound has them.
  5. College Bound is compatible with Windows, while the windows version of Romance Club is not still released.
  6. College-bound has more positive reviews in comparison to Romance Club.
  7. The premium version of College Bound is available, while Romance Club has no in-game purchase.

Comparison Table

Feature College Bound Episode 1 Romance Club
Theme Students live in college Romance and Love
In-app purchase Yes No
Compatibility Windows Android, iOS
Adventure No Yes


As a whole, we can say that CB and RC are utterly different games. The use of these games depends upon the user’s choice.