Difference Between Marketing and Business Development

Trade and investment are the crucial component of human life that completes one’s commercial life. Marketing and Business Development are two functions that are critical for the success of any organization. Both are similar in some ways as well as essential differences. Both terms have different focuses, strategies, and goals in the market. Marketing is primarily focused on customers’ needs and preferences.

Main Difference

Business Development focuses on identifying and addressing the needs of potential businesses. Moreover, one supports sales teams to achieve cost and revenue targets while the other builds relationships to develop new business opportunities. Let us discuss the main differences between Marketing and Business Development in detail.

 What is Marketing?

Marketing has a campaign-based timeframe focusing on customer preferences, wants, and needs. Marketing aims to generate leads, increase revenue, and drive sales. It is a short-term objective typically concerned with promoting and selling products or services.

Moreover, the outcomes of Marketing are increased customer loyalty, increased revenue, and increased brand awareness. Public relations, market research, and advertising branding are well-known activities of Marketing.


  • Product development
  • Market research
  • Brand management
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Sales and management

What is Business Development?

Business Development is the business term used to improve and enhance productivity. The main focus of Business Development is identifying and addressing the wants of potential business partners and clients.

The activities of Business Development include partnership building, contract negotiation, market analysis, and strategic planning. Moreover, it established long-term relationships with clients, dealers, and partners. Business Development metrics are focused on measuring the effectiveness of strategic partnerships, customer satisfaction, market share, and revenue growth.


  • Partnership development
  • Strategic planning
  • Networking

Key Differences between Marketing and Business Development

  1. Marketing primarily focuses on customer preferences and needs. On the other hand, Business Development focuses on partnerships and business opportunities.
  2. Marketing takes a short-term perspective, while Business Development takes a long-term view.
  3. Marketing activities include advertising and market research, whereas the activities of Business Development include partnership building and strategic planning.
  4. The goal of Business Development is to develop new revenue streams. On the other hand, Marketing aims to generate leads and increase revenue.
  5. Business Development builds relationships to develop new business opportunities, while Marketing supports the sales team to achieve revenue goals.

Comparison table between Marketing and Business Development

Aspects        Marketing Business Development
Timeframe Short-term objective Long-term perspective
Outcome Increase brand awareness Increase revenue stream
Scope Concerned with promoting products Concerned about identifying new business opportunities
Activities Advertising Strategic planning


After this brief discussion, we can say that Marketing and Business Development are pretty different. These techniques differ in terms of timeframe, scope, and outcomes.

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