Difference Between Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication

Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication are two systems of a company’s communication strategy. Both are similar in some ways as crucial differences. Moreover, both terms are widely using in all over the world.

Public Relations maintains relationships between stakeholders and the organization, including customers, media, the general public, and employees. Integrated Marketing Communication, on the other hand, is a strategic approach to promoting a project.

Main Difference

Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication involve several critical aspects for effective communication strategies. Let us discuss the significant differences between Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Introduction To Public Relations

Public Relations is a building relationship between organizations and stakeholders. We can also say that creating relationships with influencers and journalists to secure coverage for the organizations.

Public Relations aims to develop and maintain a positive and good image for organizations. Moreover, it has a broader audience, including customers: employers, and the general public. Public Relations primarily focus on creativity and maintaining relationships. Furthermore, the main goals of Public Relations are brand awareness, sentiment, media coverage, reputation, and engagement.


  • Media Relations
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis management
  • Internal communication

Introduction To Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication is a strategic approach to promoting a project, product, or service. IMC aims to deliver a consistent message to the audience through various platforms. It has a targeted audience in which suppliers, customers, partners, and employees are included.

Furthermore, Integrated Marketing Communication typically focuses on message consistency, channel coordination, and alignment with business goals. The key metrics of Integrated Marketing Communication are leads, websites, social media metrics, and sales.


  • Public Relation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising

Key Differences

  1. Public Relations has a broader audience, while Integrated Marketing Communication has a targeted audience.
  2. The tactics of Public Relations are media relations and crisis management. On the other hand, Integrated Marketing Communication advertising and direct mail.
  3. Public Relation focus on building management relationships and reputation management, whereas Integrated Marketing Communication focuses on message consistency and alignment with business goals.
  4. Key metrics of Public Relations are brand awareness and brand reputation. Integrated Marketing Communication, on the other hand, sales, conversion, and social media metrics.
  5. Public Relations aims to create and maintain a positive image, while Integrated Marketing Communication seeks to create a consistent message.

Comparison Table

Aspects Public Relations Integrated Marketing Communication
Definition Maintaining the relationship between the organization and stakeholders A strategic approach to the community  through multiple channels
Audience Wider audience Targeted audience
Tactics Media relations, press release Advertising, email marketing
Key metrics Brand awareness, reputation Sales, conversion, and website traffic


After this brief discussion, Public Relations and IMC are pretty different. They have their respective pros and cons.

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