Snow Daze vs. Maggot Baits – Comparison & Differences

Snow Daze and Maggot Baits are the best Japanese action video games that are famous around the globe. Moreover, both games are novel based. The storyline of both games is different. Snow Daze has the story of a lost boy with his step-sister in snowy weather.

Main Difference

Maggot Baits depicts the story of a dystopian world where people are affected by a parasite named a maggot. There are many other differences between them. Let us discuss these differences.

Introduction To Snow Daze

Snow Daze is a novel-video game that Critical Bliss developed and launched in 2016. The company launched its special edition, which is mentioned in the title, in 2020. The story of this novel revolves around a boy named Jason and his step-sister on a snowy winter day.

Both the characters get snowed in winter. Jason develops a romantic relationship with his step-sister as they spend time together. The end of the game depends on the player’s choice, as it has multiple endings. In addition, there is undoubtedly sexual and nude content that may be abusive for some users.


  • Multiple endings
  • Easy to access
  • Sexual themes
  • Romantic storyline
  • HD Graphics

Introduction To Maggot Baits

Maggot Baits is also a novel-based video game that contains explicit sexual content. The developer of this game is Clock Up which launched it in 2016. This game occurs in a dystopian world where humans lose their free will to a parasite named “Maggot.”

This game contains extreme sexual graphics; therefore, many countries have banned it. Moreover, this game has multiple endings depending upon the choice and wisdom of the player. The game presents the same circumstances the world has faced in COVID-19, like shutdown, quarantine, precautions, and other techniques. Moreover, this game is compatible with all the latest Windows versions.


  • Easy to access
  • Affordable
  • Widely playing
  • Multiple ends
  • Sexual themes

Key differences between Snow Daze and Maggot Baits

  1. Snow Daze is a visual novel romantic game, while Maggot Baits is a novel-based horror game.
  2. The story of Snow Daze is about the relationship between Jason and his step-sister, while the level of Maggot Baits is about a person’s survival after a horrific experiment.
  3. Snow Daze depicts anime graphics, while Maggot Baits depicts dark, violent pictures.
  4. Snow Daze has a linear storyline; however, Maggot Baits has multiple endings according to in-game circumstances.
  5. Snow Daze is suitable for all age people, while Maggot Baits is suitable for mature persons.

Comparison Table

Feature Snow Daze: The Music of Winter Special Edition Maggot Baits
Theme User-friendly Dark violet
Graphics Animated Abusive and sexual
Developer Outbreak Games Clock Up
Preferable for All age people Mature people


It is concluded that Snow Daze and Maggot Baits are two different games. These games differ in themes,  graphics, developers, storylines, in-game features, etc.