Direct Compression vs. Wet Granulation

Direct Compression and Wet Granulation are processes to make tablets. The direct Compression method is straightforward to use as a form for pills. This process requires virtual machines such as a blender, granular, and dryer. It gives very rapid dissolution.

Main Difference

On the other hand, Wet Granulation is also a tablet-making process but a relatively low process compared to Direct Granulation. Many people do not know the difference between Direct Compression and Wet Granulation. Here, we try to clarify the difference between both. Let us discuss the main differences between Direct Compression and Wet Granulation.

What is Direct Compression?


Most pharmacists use the Direct Compression method for making and producing tablets. It is the most efficient process for tablet making. Moreover, we use a blender and two API machines. We do not add some additional ingredients to it. With the help of a blender, API machines, granulators, dryers, and some other machines, Pharmaceutical companies manufacture medicines on a large scale.

Furthermore, the Direct Compression method is applicable in pharmaceutical companies. In addition, some heat-sensitive ingredients can also use in Direct Compression. Lastly, this process is not so much expensive.


  • Most efficient
  • Use in pharmaceutical companies
  • Honest price
  • The shortest way to produce tablets
  • Easy to process
  • Least complex way
  • Heat-sensitive ingredients are additional
  • No additional process
  • Critical selection require
  • Instantly prepare the medicines
  • Widely using method

What is Wet Granulation?

Wet Granulation is an easy process to make medicines. It is the most efficient method for producing tablets. In the Wet Granulation process, the properties are of different chemicals in the Direct Compression suit for Wet Granulation. Moreover, the pills we make in Wet Granulation are comparatively less dusty. In this process, the flowability is very high. Thousands of pharmaceutical companies are widely using the Wet Granulation process.


  • Efficient
  • Easy to process
  • Widely using
  • Less dusty tablets
  • Flowability
  • Use in pharmaceutical companies

Key Differences between Direct Compression and Wet Granulation:

  • Direct Compression is most efficient as compared to Wet Granulation.
  • Wet Granulation is less dusty as compared to Direct Compression.
  • The wet Granulation process has more flowability, while direct Compression has less.
  • Direct Compression is the shorter method in contrast to Wet Granulation.
  • Direct Compression is comparatively less costly than Wet Granulation.

Comparison table between Direct Compression and Wet Granulation

Features Direct Compression Wet Granulation
Clearness Dusty Less Dusty
Cost Comparatively less High price
Usage More use High price
Properties Nil Flow ability
Speed The shortest way to produce tablets Long way


In a nutshell, we can say that both Direct Compression and Wet Granulation are different techniques.