Drama vs. Theatre

Drama and Theatre are entertaining platforms that refer to a wide variety of content to the viewers. The managing Drama is an act or plays that a group of people perform in front of an audience. We also say Drama to the Theatre.

Main Difference

Theatre is a building, and Drama is an act we perform in it. Moreover, Drama shows moral aspects of society and is a source of fun. Let us discuss the main differences between Drama and Theatre.

What is Drama?

Drama is an act or play in which many people perform some moral or funny shoe before the audience. The Drama may be acted live, printed text, or recorded. Moreover, Drama shows different aspects of life, such as social, moral, religious, and other aspects. Furthermore, Drama is a Theatre branch where we illustrate events or conflicts through play or act. We take the word Drama from the Greek word “Dram,” which means an act or do. In addition, it is the best source of interaction between the author and the reader. Lastly, Drama is also an abstract business.


  • Source of entertaining
  • Way of earning
  • Best platform for knowledge
  • Good for time pass
  • Show moral and social act
  • Printed and live text

What is Theatre?

Theatre is a play that a group performs in front of an audience. A theatre is a building where people work and earn money. Thousand of people are working in Theaters to fulfill their needs. Moreover, it is the onstage production of an act. Furthermore, Theatre creates interaction between actors, designers, and directors. In Theatre, people act by wearing specific costumes according to the play. In addition, Theatre is a physical business. Lastly, Theatre is a huge source of entertainment.


  • A platform for gain knowledge
  • Source of entertainment
  • Employment platform
  • Seek socialism
  • Best for time pass

Differences between Drama and Theatre

  1. Drama is an abstract entity. On the other hand, Theatre is a physical entity.
  2. The Drama may be in written form or may be performed, whereas, Theatre is a live performance.
  3. Drama can be read at home, while to see Theatre, you have to go to a building or place.
  4. Drama is the script of a play, while Theatre is a performance of that play.
  5. In Drama, there is a direct interaction between reader and writer compared to Theatre.
  6. There is no need for Drama performers while many people are required to act in the play.
  7. In Drama, there is no need for a specific place compared to Threatre.

Comparison table between Drama and Theatre

Theatre Drama Theatre
Entity Abstract Physical
Location No need Need specific location
Play In written form Physical performance
Members No need Requires many people
Interaction Direct between reader and writer Between audience and player


We can say that both Drama and Theatre are different. However, both theater and Drama are sources of entertainment.

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