Dumpor vs. 4k Stogram – Differences & Comparison

Dumpor and 4k Stogram are two well-known Instagram platforms where users can view many data about Instagram stories. Dumper refers the users to watch all stories event deleted content.

Major Differences

4k Stogram allows users to download pictures, videos, stories, reels, and much more content. In 4k Stogram, you can save posts that are uploaded on Instagram. Also, users can check how they can get more views and likes on Instagram.

To clarify the confusion of people who don’t know the difference between both. Let us discuss the main differences between Dumpor and 4k Stogram.

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a famous website where users can view pictures, stories, reels, videos, and more. It is an entertaining platform that provides a lot of entertainment content. Also, users can download their favorite data from their favorite list. Dumpor makes accessibility to view deleted data easily. The stories on Instagram may be browsed ao may be analyzed with Dumpor.

Moreover, it refers to free-of-cost services, and the search is very straightforward. Furthermore, Dumpor is also available in chrome and firefox. In addition, users can also avail of the benefits of Dumpor on iOS, Android, smartphones, and other devices. It is easy to download its official application from Google Play Store or App Store.


  • Free of cost
  • Access to deleted data from Instagram
  • Available on all devices
  • Easy to use
  • Download stories, images, and platform Instagram
  • No need to log in

What is 4k Stogram?

4k Stogram is a well-known website that offers to download a large variety of content on Instagram. Users can download reels, stories, videos, and much more quickly. This website lets you view followers and views on Instagram. Millions of users are using 4k Stogram at this time. Furthermore, you can start and log in to this website for free. 4k Stogram does not require registration or any payment.


  • No registration fee
  • No need to log in
  • Download stories, images, and videos from Instagram
  • Save post
  • Free of cost
  • 4K download team

Major differences between Dumpor and  4k Stogram

  1. There is no need to log in to the Dumper while it is necessary to log in to the 4k Stogram for short up.
  2. Dumpor makes accessibility to the deleted data, whereas 4k Stogram offers this service.
  3. On Dumpor, users can find hashtags, profiles, and Instagram users. At the same time, this service is not available at 4k Stogram.
  4. 4k Stogram is cost-free, but all offer premium for better services. On the other hand, Dumpor is free of cost.
  5. Dumpor is available on all Androids and smartphones, while 4k Stogram is available in Linux, Mac, and Microsoft.

Comparison table between Dumpor and  4k Stogram

Features Dumpor 4k Stogram
Log in No need to log in No Need to log in
Accessibility To deleted data No accessibility
Download team No team 4k download team
Cost Cost-free Free and premium
Available on Android and smartphones Linux and MS


We can say that both Dumpor and  4k Stogram are different. There are a lot of differences in their features and functions.