Dying Light 1 vs Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has finally been announced, and the fans have mixed feelings about it. Some are happy because they are eager to see what Techland does with the story, while others are not happy because Dying Light 2 seems like a rehash of the first game. So, which version do you prefer? Dying Light 1 or Dying Light 2? Let’s find out!

Main Difference

The original Dying Light was released in 2015 to critical acclaim. The game combined first-person action with parkour-style traversal to create a unique and thrilling experience. The sequel, Dying Light 2, is set to release in 2020 and promises to bring even more excitement to fans of the franchise. So, what’s new in Dying Light 2? And how does it compare to the original?

For starters, Dying Light 2 is set fifteen years after the first game’s events. The world has been plunged into darkness and chaos, and it’s up to you to restore order. The game features an all-new story, characters, and locations.

One of the most anticipated features of Dying Light 2 is the choice-based gameplay. Your choices will affect the outcome of your own story and the world around you.

Introduction To Dying Light

Dying Light is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus wiped out almost all of humanity. You play as Kyle Crane; a former police officer turned rogue hunter who is forced to flee his home after being accused of murder. After crash landing in the quarantine zone, he discovers that the disease has mutated into something even deadlier than before.

He must scavenge what remains of society to survive while hunting down those responsible for unleashing this plague upon the world. The game features four different playable characters, each with a unique skill set and weapons. Each character has a distinct personality and backstory, making them feel like people rather than just generic action figures.

The game takes place in a sprawling open-world environment where players can freely explore anytime. Players have access to various vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, boats, and ATVs, giving them the freedom to travel across the map at their leisure. The game’s visuals are reminiscent of early 2000s games like Doom 3 and Quake III Arena. Its environments feature realistic lighting effects and detailed textures, and its characters look incredibly lifelike.

Introduction To Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is an action-adventure game set in an open-world environment and played from a first-person perspective. The game is the sequel to Dying Light (2015) and was released in 2019. The game is set in the city of Harran, which zombies have overrun. The player controls Aiden Caldwell, a survivor who must find a way to escape the city.

The gameplay of Dying Light 2 is similar to that of its predecessor, with players scavenging for resources and crafting weapons and armor to help them survive. The game also features a new day/night cycle, which affects the behavior of the zombies. Dying Light 2 received positive reviews from critics, who praised its open-world design, day/night cycle, and improved combat mechanics.

Differences Between Dying Light 1 vs. Dying Light 2

The first Dying Light was released in 2015 and was well-received by gamers and critics. The sequel, Dying Light 2, is set to release in 2020. So, what’s the difference between the two? First, you can only play as a male character in the first game.

In contrast, you can choose from one of four different characters to play for the second game (male or female). Secondly, many new parkour mechanics in the second game weren’t present before. Thirdly, when it comes to graphics and gameplay (i.e., running through a city with hordes of zombies), they’re pretty much on par with each other – they’re just different styles.

The Setting: Dying Light 1 vs. Dying Light 2

The first game is set in the fictional city of Harran, Turkey. The second game is set 15 years after the first game’s events, in a new location called The City. It can be argued that this shift from an eastern setting to a western one reflects Techland’s understanding of where the best opportunities for survival horror are.

The deserted industrial environment offers a more alien feel and is less saturated with the undead than the crowded streets of Harran. Dying Light 2 offers greater exploration and freedom with fewer loading screens to detract from the gameplay experience.

The Characters: Dying Light 1 vs. Dying Light 2

One of the main differences between Dying Light 1 and 2 is the characters. In the first game, you play as Kyle Crane, an undercover operative sent to Harran to investigate a sinister plot. In the sequel, you take on the role of Aiden Caldwell, a former soldier infected with a virus that makes him super-strong and fast. Both games strongly focus on the story, but Dying Light 2 allows you to make choices that affect the game’s outcome.

The Gameplay: Dying Light 1 vs. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is an action-adventure game set in an open world. The game is played from a first-person perspective, and the player can freely roam around the city. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The player must scavenge for food and water and must also find shelter to avoid being killed by zombies.

The player can also craft weapons and items to help them survive. Crafting ingredients are obtained from looting abandoned buildings or salvaging what little remains of humanity. There are many different types of weapons, such as melee weapons like baseball bats, firearms like pistols or shotguns, and throwable items like knives or Molotov cocktails.

The Storyline: Dying Light 1 vs. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is set fifteen years after the first game’s events. The protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, is a survivor of the outbreak that turned most of humanity into zombies. He now lives in a quarantine zone in Harran, where he has to scavenge for food and supplies. Aiden is contacted by a woman named Ana Larive, who tells him about a group of survivors living in a haven outside the city. She offers to get him there if he can help her find something she lost on her way back from there.

Regarding gameplay, the sequel offers much more freedom than its predecessor; players can go anywhere they want instead of being restricted to a certain area at any given time. They can also tackle missions and activities in any order they like – no need to go through them as in the original game.


Dying Light 2 is a significantly different game than its predecessor. For one, the world is much more fleshed out and feels more alive. The graphics have also been significantly improved, creating a more immersive experience. Additionally, the combat has been made more challenging and exciting, with a greater variety of enemies to fight. Finally, the story is much more complex and engaging, with multiple branching paths that allow for significant replay value.