Eventbrite vs. Meetup – What’s the Difference?

Eventbrite vs. Meetup are management companies. Eventbrite is an American ticketing company website where you can organize, browse, build and manage local events through online ticketing services. On the other hand, Meetup is a social media platform for mutual interests and making friends from gatherings of the same interests, hobbies, and professions.

What is Eventbrite?

Kevin Hartz, Julia Hartz, and Renaud Visage are the founder of Eventbrite company, an online ticketing website to quickly sell tickets and promote their enthusiasm through culture, community, and business converge. In addition, it is the world’s most significant event through Email and social media marketing tools to increase your visibility for unusual things to do.

What is Meetup?

Scott Heiferman and four others are the owners of Meetup for any early staging business to manage and live stream activities in a single platform. You can create multiple audiences, search queries, organize payments, constant development contacts with participants and create professional networks for fun behavior.

Key Differences between Eventbrite and Meetup

  • Eventbrite and Meetup are business events management companies, but People obtain career advice, make friends, and become mindful of new interests through Real-life Events on Eventbrite.
  • You are investing in yourself by using Meetup. As a Meetup participant, you should be able to benefit from possibilities to broaden your social circle, pursue interests, find new opportunities, and go on adventures.
  • In Eventbrite, you can easily use event management and ticketing tools through emails campaigns customization.
  • Meanwhile, Meetup is a social media marketing campaign for live events and live streaming.
  • Eventbrite supports third-party integrations with Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, and more for event handling
  • You can search for people in a neighborhood that matches your profession, career, and personal interests in the Meetup Platform

Comparison Table between Eventbrite and Meetup

Classification Eventbrite Meetup
Types of Company American Ticketing company Social Media gathering network company
Date Launched 2008 June 12, 2002
Growing Platform Grow your attendance Grow your audience
Third-party integration supported Supported
Payment Method


Paid And Free trial Paid
Features Inventory Management

Meeting Management

Registration Management

Online Booking

Surveys & Feedback

Ticket Management


Client Management


Travel Management

Vendor Management



Event Logs

Staff Management


Sales Management

Room Block


At last, We’d like to let you know that both are business management social networking companies. The critical difference is that Eventbrite is an event management company with online ticketing services; meanwhile, while Meetup is a Social Media Managing Network Company.