Eyecon vs. Truecaller

Eyecon and Truecaller are well-known applications known as caller ID and spam-blocking applications. Both of these platforms have some similarities as well as some key differences.

Main Difference

Eyecon is a famous application focusing on the caller ID and contact manager. On the other hand, Truecaller is also a popular application that offers a wide range of services for spam blocking and caller ID. Moreover, Eyecon and Truecaller collect the users’ data, provide the information to the viewers, and tell about unknown callers. Let us discuss the main differences between Eyecon and Truecaller in detail so that users can decide which application is better.

What is Eyecon?

Eyecon is a well-known app that users use as a caller ID. It is a managing app that manages the contacts for smartphones. This platform collects the data of unknown callers and provides details to the users about that callers. Moreover, it is widely spreading all over the world. Furthermore, this app was founded in 2016. Eyecon is available in all Androids and iOS but is not functional on the web. It keeps focusing on caller ID  and contact management. In addition, Eyecon has more user, modern, and visual interfaces.


  • easy to access
  • free installing
  • easy to access
  • widely using
  • tracks the call
  • collects the data of the unknown caller
  • modern interface
  • user-friendly

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is a famous spam-blocking application available on all Android and iOS. Also, it is available on the web. Truecaller provides training in the form of documentation. Moreover, Truecaller was founded in 2009. Millions of people use this platform to get details about unknown callers and block spam. In addition, Truecaller integrates with MyOperator, Singular, and Capillary. It offers a comprehensive range o features beyond caller ID and spam blocking, like flash messaging, call scheduling, call recording, and more.


  • broadly spreading
  • easy to access
  • call recording
  • call schedules
  • integrate with many platforms
  • available on webs
  • free to install and use

Key Differences between Truecaller and Eyecon

  1. Truecaller integrates with MyOperator and Singular, while eyecon does not combine with any platform.
  2. Eyecon focuses mainly on caller ID and contact management, while Truecaller focuses mainly on spam blocking and caller ID.
  3. Eyecon has a more modern and visually appealing interface as compared to Truecaller.
  4. Truecaller has a more traditional interface as compared to Eyecon.
  5. Eyecon is a more safe and more secure app as compared to Truecaller.

Comparison between Eyecon and Truecaller

Features Eyecon Truecaller
Launched in 2016 2009
Security More safe and secure Less safe and secure
Interface Modern interface Traditional interface
Keeps focus on Contact management Spam blocking


In a nutshell, Truecaller and Eyecon are two different platforms from each other. Both have additional features and services.

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