Ezoic vs. Mediavine – What’s the Difference?

Ezoic and Mediavine are ad-managing platforms where people make money via ads or advertise their businesses. It is tough to say which platform is best for you. Here, owners upload ads to earn money. Mediavine requires thousands of sessions. Whereas, Ezoic does not demand such requirements. There is a minimum Traffic limit for Mediavine, while Ezoic has no such need.

Main Difference

Mediavine and Ezoic are the competitors of Google AdSense. These Ad marketing websites are now in use for Ad marketing around the whole world. Ezoic takes less than 24 hours for app review, while Mediavine takes almost one month. Let us discuss the main differences between Ezoic and Mediavine in detail.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is the best managing platform for beginners. It is also a testing platform. It is helpful for bloggers to enhance their business. Moreover, Ezoic provides you with ads for your website. It is a very helpful gateway to monetize your website.

Furthermore, by its automatic system, it increases your earnings. The Publishers have authority or charge on the location, style, and number of ads on any website. In addition, Ezoic is a digital marketing tool.


  • Enhance the performance of the website
  • Identify the issues
  • Boost the website
  • Monetize the channel
  • Data Analytics
  • Widely spreading
  • Boost up the earning
  • Profitable way
  • Easy to access
  • Automatically increase revenue

What is Mediavine?

Mediavine is an online managing platform that helps to manage all ads related issues. Its users have a command to control the number of ads. Moreover, it does not give authority to users to control the location of ads.

It is a widely spreading tool all over the world. Furthermore, Mediavine offers an attractive salary package to publishers. It refers to devices for publishers and blogs to monetize their websites. Worldwide softwares verify it. In addition, the requirements of Mediavine are very tough for near bloggers and small businesses.


  • Session requirements
  • Widely spreading
  • Monetize your website
  • Easy to access
  • Better as compared to others
  • Color indicator
  • Dashboard
  • Controls placement

Key Differences between Ezoic and Mediavine

  1. Mediavine requires sessional requirements. On the other hand, Ezoic does not demand anything.
  2. Ezoic is easy to use for beginners as compared to Mediavine.
  3. Mediavine pays earlier contrast to the Ezoic.
  4. Ezoic offers a dashboard tool, while Mediavine does not provide it.
  5. The period for approving ads on Ezoic is concise compared to Mediavine.
  6. Mediavine is a full-service program, while Ezoic is a self-service network.

Comparison table between Ezoic and Mediavine

Features Ezoic Mediavine
Approval time 12-48 hours 15-21 days
Network service Self-service Full service
Nature Easy to beginners Tough for beginners
Color indicator Nil Yes


We can say that Ezoic and Mediavine are entirely different. They have a specialty in their respective fields.