Fast Food vs. Homemade Food

Every living organism requires Food for its survival. Organism digest food and get energy from it. Organisms utilize this energy for various purposes, like body movement. Without Food, organisms can survive for a short period depending upon the type of organism.

Main Difference

Human beings also eat Food to provide energy to their body. Humans consume two types of Food: Fast Food and Homemade Food. Men use both types of foods to eliminate hunger and get power. Fast Food means such Food which we produce to sell, while the term Homemade food refers to such Food which we make on the household level for self-consumption. Let us understand these terms thoroughly with examples.

What is Fast Food?

Fast Food means any Food which producers produce to sell and earn profit. All the commercial Food points deals in a variety of Fast Food. Daily life fast foods include burgers, Pizzas, Shawarma, Frozen foods, Half fried foods, and much more. Fast Foods are rich in taste and require a short time for their production. It saves you time and effort.


  • Easy to produce
  • A quick source of energy
  • Rich in taste
  • Fast service
  • Easily available


  • Bad for health
  • Preservatives in fast Food are very harmful
  • Fast Food is costly
  • Rich in cholesterol

What is Homemade Food?

Any Food which we prepare in our houses is called Homemade Food. Homemade Food is also called fresh Food. Homemade Food is the best Food for eating purposes. As there is no profit thought in making Homemade Food, we prepare pure ingredients that are healthy for health. Homemade Food does not contain any preservatives. Baked items, like Cakes, and cooked items, like vegetables, are prime examples of homemade Food.


  • Beneficial
  • Cheap
  • Healthy
  • Preservative free
  • Pure ingredients


  • Take more time for production
  • Not available when you are out of home
  • Its taste depends upon the skill of the producer
  • Not everyone can make it

Key Differences

  • Fast Food refers to commercial Food, while homemade Food is household food.
  • Fast Food is dangerous, while Homemade Food is beneficial for health.
  • Fast Food requires less time, while Homemade Food requires more time for production.
  • Fast Food is readily available everywhere, while homemade Food requires self-cooking.
  • Fast Food contains preservatives, while Homemade is free from preservatives.
  • Fast Food is costly, while homemade Food is Cheap.

Comparison Table between Fast Food and Homemade Food

Feature     Fast Food Homemade Food
Definition Food prepared for commercial purposes Food prepared for self-eating
Effects on Health Bad Good
Time for preparation Short Long
Cost High Low
Availability Everywhere Self-made


We can say that Fast Food and Homemade Food are entirely different. Fast, though it takes less time, harms health, while Homemade Food is safe and beneficial.

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