Fast People Search vs. PeopleFinder

Fast People Search and PeopleFinder is an online service that allows users to search any person’s data by name, address, and phone number and get more information.

Main Difference

Both services help to reconnect with old friends, neighbors, classmates, and many more. In addition, Fast People Search has an easy-to-use interface compared to PeopleFinder. Fast People Search is complimentary, while PeopleFinder pays a fee. Let us discuss the main differences between Fast People Search and PeopleFinder.

What is Fast People Finder?

Fast People Finder is one of the most popular websites for finding people from across the globe. This website gives access to people to find any person from the entire world. Users can search related persons by identity, such as their name, phone number, email address, or reverse phone lock up. Moreover, it is a free-of-cost website for finding people.

Not only this, but also there are complete sets of information about divorce, court records, authentic documents, police and arrest records, job record, and much more. People can easily access this website for their purposes without paying any fee.


  • Best searching tool
  • Search by name
  • Search by email
  • Easy to access
  • Free of cost
  • Massive information

What is PeopleFinder?

PeopleFinder is a people search website in which people take the information of any person. Users can get public records and information through this website. PeopleFinder helps find the data of family, friends, neighbors, roommates, and many more people they lost.

In addition, they can give a criminal record, marriage record, court record, birth record, property record, and many records. If any people want their records not shown on the website, they remove themselves. In PeopleFinder, people’s personal information is available, and anyone can search for the age, phone number, email address, and relationship status of other people. It paid the user a small fee.


  • Easy to access
  • Paid less fee
  • Search the record of any person
  • Give accurate information
  • Trustable

Differences Between Fast People Search and PeopleFinder

  1. PeopleFinder has more features compared to Fast People Search.
  2. Fast People Search is free. On the other hand, PeopleFinder charges fees for some services.
  3. Fast People Search is easy to use as compared to PeopleFinder.
  4. PeopleFinder allows users to allow their background, while Fast People Search does the service.
  5. There are original records in PeopleFinder, while users can not search criminal records in Fast People Search.

Comparison table between Fast People Search and PeopleFinder

Features Fast People Search PeopleFinder
 User-Interface Easy to use Comparatively less
Price Free Charge a fee for some services
Database Public Records Wide range of data sources
Accuracy Less accurate More accurate


In a nutshell, we can say that Fast People Search and People Finder are quite different platforms regarding their features and functions.

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