FIFA vs. PES – Differences & Comparison

PES is also a well-known football game but has fewer features than FIFA. Moreover, both are video games that are played virtually. Let us discuss the main differences between FIFA and PES in detail.

Major differences

FIFA and PEF are gaming franchises that hold tournaments of football. It is tough to say what is best between FIFA and PES. FIFA is a massive football franchise that holds a contest internationally after every year on a large scale.

What is FIFA?

FIFA is a worldwide gaming platform to which more than thirsty teams contribute. FIFA is a football franchise league that holds mega events internationally on a large scale in which all football teams take part. Moreover, it is also an organization that boosts great players and leaders. FIFA has been working since 1994. Furthermore, it offers real-time 3D play on your PCs and laptops. FIFA is a highly demanded and recommended video game all over the world. In addition, it has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Lastly, FIFA works under the banner of EA sports. Its video gaming series are available on all play stations and Microsoft windows.


  • Available on all MS windows and Playstations
  • More offense side
  • Best graphic quality
  • FIFA is licensed
  • A tremendous amount of gaming experience
  • The worldwide famous football franchise

What is PES?

PES is a well-known football video gaming platform that is highly demanded worldwide. PES is the abbreviation of Pro Evolution Soccer. Konami launched it. It has been updating its series every year since 2001. It seems so much more realistic.

Moreover, it is related to defense gaming. Furthermore, the graphics are superb, and the animation is too good. In addition, PES is the after mode for improving the gaming experience. Lastly, PES is highly spreading video games internationally.


  • Worldwide well-known Soccer
  • Widely spreading
  • Graphics is amazing
  • Realistic
  • Good animation
  • Related to defense gaming
  • Highly recommended game

Key Differences between FIFA and PES

  1. The complete form of FIFA is the Federation International de Football Association. In contrast, an abbreviation of PES is Pro Evolution Soccer.
  2. The animation and graphics of FIFA are much more impressive than PES.
  3. FIFA refers to much better modes in contrast to PES.
  4. PES offers a more realistic experience as opposed to FIFA.
  5. FIFA is video gaming related to the offense, whereas PES is about defense gaming.
  6. EA Sports introduced FIFA, while Konami introduced PES.

Comparison table between FIFA and PES

Features FIFA     PES
Animation quality Best Good
Available on MS windows and PlayStations MS Windows, Androids, iOS
Introduced in 1994 2001
Introduced by EA sports Konami
Last launching FIFA 21 Federation PES 21
Full form International Pro Evolution Soccer


In a nutshell, we can say that both FIFA and PES are different. They are serving in their respective places.