Foot vs. Feet

Foot and Feed are two measurement names that users use in different fields. A feat is a measuring unit we use for a single thing or product. On the other hand, Feet are also a measuring unit, but we use this unit for plural things.

Main Difference

Moreover, people use these units in different measurements such as distance, length, height, width, numbers, and more. We use these units by the difference between Singular and Plural things. Let us discuss the main difference between Foot and Feet in detail.

What is Foot?

The Foot is a measuring tool or unit used to measure different objects. If we measure a single thing, we use Foot. In simple, a Single object that requires a team is called Foot. Moreover, many measurement features use this tool, such as length width, length, height, distance, and others.

Furthermore, the Foot is also a part of the body under the leg. One side of the leg is called Foot. In addition, the Foot unit is applicable in many aspects of mathematics, statics, and physics. Lastly, the Foot is a standard unit of measurement.


  • Measurement tool
  • Widely using
  • Using in different subjects
  • Allow movement
  • Walking organ
  • Various types
  • Use in many aspects
  • Best for measurement

What are Feet?

Feet are a measuring tool used to measure the object from different sides. You can measure distance, length, height, width, and some others. The foot word refers to something plural. Suppose you want to measure more than one object in distance and length. You will use the Foot unit.

Moreover, Feet is also an organ in the leg’s lower part. If we talk about two legs parts, then we say they are Feet. For example, this roof is 10 feet tall. Furthermore, it is also a plural form of Foot. In addition, when we measure an object as a modifier, we do not use it in plural scenes.


  • Measuring tool
  • Measure the distance
  • Measure in height
  • Measure in length
  • Walking organ
  • Plural word
  • Foot in modifier

Differences between Foot and Feet

  1. Foot refers to the Singular. On the other hand, Feet refers to the plural objects.
  2. The Foot is a singular measurement tool, while Feet measure in plural
  3. Foot use the plural when it acts as a modifier, while Feet do not use the plural.
  4. The Foot is the singular form of feet, while Feet is the plural form of Foot. One lower leg part is the Foot, while the other is the Foot.

Comparison table between Foot and Feet

Features Foot Feet
Grammar Single More than one
Modifier Plural Not plural
Organ One lower leg Two lower legs
Measurement Singular Plural
Unit For one object For more than one objects


We can say that both Foot and Feet are different from each other. They are specific in their uses. Both terms often confuse people.

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