Goose vs. Gander – What’s the Difference?

Different kinds of birds are referred to as ganders and geese. Ganders are male geese, as the name implies. When a female goose is utilized as the opposite. In several dictionaries, male geese are referred to as “genders,” depending on their genders.

Main Difference

Some people keep geese as pets because they may be heard warning homes through their loud voices. Another difference is that these are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and defend themselves. Let’s discuss the main differences between Goose and Gander.

What is a Gander?

In 1886, Gander was used as a male Goose to denote “simpleton,” similar to saying “you dumb goose” in the expression “take a gander,” in addition to a slang term for a foolish guy. It is a prominent member of the goose family. Humans keep people for their meat and eggs, which are then eaten. Ganders are male birds, which differ from females in that they have genitalia.

What is a Goose?

Goose refers to any species of gosling, and the group includes the genera Branta and Anser by several tribes, including the Anser, or grey goose. The Branta, or black geese, and the Chen, or white geese, are typically found adjacent to lakes or other bodies of water. It also includes several additional species types for its meat and bred raised for both roots and bred.

Key Differences between Gander and Goose

  • In a human environment, ganders live in a wild environment. Meanwhile, geese can not migrate from one place to another.
  • Gander birds have ovaries in their lower bodies, unlike geese, which have internal organs in their bellies.
  • A gander is noticeably more significant than a goose. However, Geese have spherical bodies, but ganders have more pointed ones with different body forms.
  • Compared to geese, ganders are more aggressive. They frequently engage in physical conflict. On the other hand, geese are thought of as calm animals who only respond during mating season.
  • Ganders only eat meals. Meanwhile, geese eat meat and egg both.
  • On the lower body, geese have an internal hole. Females have one combined set of internal ovaries, which are situated with sociable binds properties.
  • Ganders are the nickname for male geese; ” goose ” refers to female geese. A flock of geese is referred to as a gaggle on land or in the water and as a skein in the air.


At last, we would like to let you know that both Geese and Ganders are birds. Ganders are small in size and eat meals. On the other hand, Goose eats meat and egg.