Green Olives vs. Black Olives

Green Olives and Black Olives are the parent fruit, “Olives.” Green Olives and Black Olives are extracted from the same olive trees but differ in the state of their harvesting. Farmers harvest Green Olives when they are unripe, while Black Olives are harvested when they are fully ripened. Olives are very helpful for health, whether they are black or green. In addition, the farming of olives is a significant business these days.

Main Difference

Moreover, there are many differences in their uses, preservations, and nutrient contents. Green Olives have a firm texture, while Black Olives have very soft and smooth surfaces. Let us briefly discuss the significant differences between Green Olives and Black Olives.

What are Green Olives?

Green Olives are the olives that farmers harvest from olive trees when they are not fully ripened. Green Olives have a firm texture and are Green in color. This appearance of color is mainly due to a pigment called Anthocyanin. They have a peppery taste. Green Olives contain a significant content of antioxidants which is very useful for human health.


  • Help to fight chronic inflammation.
  • A significant content of Vitamin E
  • Improve heart health
  • Develops immunity
  • Improves bone health
  • Rich in Antioxidants

What are Black Olives?

Black Olives are the type of olives that harvesters harvest Olive trees when they are fully ripened. They give a black or dark red appearance. They have smooth textures, but they are traditionally bitter taste fruit. It also has a mellow taste. These are juicy in taste.


  • Tangier taste
  • Fully ripened fruit
  • Low content of Sodium
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improves heart health

Key Differences between Green Olives and Black Olives

  1. Green olives are unripened, while Black Olives are fully ripened.
  2. Green olives are green, while Black Olives are black.
  3. Green Olives, in contrast to Black Olives, have a high content of Sodium(Na).
  4. Green olives are juicy as compared to black olives.
  5. Green olives have a firm texture, while Black olives have a soft and mellow texture.
  6. Green olives have a peppery taste, while Black olives taste bitter.
  7. In contrast to black olives, green olives are not helpful for use in fast food.
  8. Green Olives are also called fully ripe olives, while Black Olives are called fully ripened olives.

Comparison Table of Green Olives vs. Black Olives

Feature Green Olives Black olives
Stage of Harvest Half ripened Fully ripened
Sodium Content More Less
Flavor Peppery Mellow or Bitter
Texture Firm Smooth
Color Green Black


In a nutshell, we can say that Green Olives and Black olives are different types of olives depending on the type of their harvesting. Although they are harvested from the same olive trees, they are pretty different in appearance, nutrient contents, and usage.

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