Difference Between HotSchedule and T-shirts

HotSchedule and 7Shifts are two well-known management software that is widely using in all over the world for multiple purposes. Both of this software are similar in many ways and have some essential differences that make them different.

Main Difference

HotSchedule is a famous platform that is very helpful in managing businesses. It is an excellent choice concerning time management, weekly schedule, off-time requests, employee chats, etc. On the other hand, 7Shifts is a cloud-based software that arranges schedules of restaurants and food services. Moreover, HotSchedule and 7Shifts are available in applications. Let us discuss the main differences between HotSchedule and 7Shifts in detail.

Introduction to HotSchedule

HotSchedule is a cloud-based management software widely used in industries, restaurants, businesses, and many other fields. This software helps the managers arrange the schedule of employees, and time-off requests, communicate with the team and manager, make online orders, train employees, and much more.

Users can set all the tasks in one spot. Furthermore, HotSchedule is also available in app form that users can download from Google Play Store for free. In addition, all the services that HotSchedule offers are comparatively expensive. HotSchedule also can integrate with payroll systems and POS.


  • Download for free
  • Easy to access
  • Easy to use
  • Integrate with the payroll system
  • Online ordering
  • Complex interface
  • Employees training
  • Inventory management

Introduction to 7Shifts

7Shifts is a well-known cloud-based software that sets the labor management and the scheduling of employees. This platform was founded in 2014,, and now, it has a more than 350000 user base worldwide. Moreover, 7Shifts is also available in the application form.

It has a user-friendly interface and provides services all over the world. Furthermore, this software is specially designed for the managers of restaurants which help them to create schedules, communicate with employees, and more. 7Shifts allow laborersrs to check the schedule the industry or manager issued.


  • Broadly spreading
  • Wide range o fservices
  • Free to download
  • Large user base
  • Monitor the labor cost
  • Communication tool

Key Differences

  1. HotSchedule has a more complex interface and is less user-friendly than 7Shifts.
  2. HotSchedule refers to ordering online,, while 7Shifts does not offer this service.
  3. 7Shifts is more affordable as compared to HotSchedule.
  4. The cost of 7Shifts sdepends upon the number of employees. On the other hand, HotSchedule require cost according to the features required and the size of business
  5. The app of 7Shifts offers a time clock feature,, but this feature is not available in HotSchedule.

Comparison Chart

Features         HotSchedule 7Shifts
Launched in 2019 2014
Pricing Expensive Affordable pricing
Price based on Size of business Number of employees
Designed for Industries, restaurants, business Restaurants and food services


We conclude that HotSchedule and 7Shifts are helpful tools for scheduling employees and management of the laborers, not only in software but also in the application form.

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