IGG Games vs. Steam Workshop Downloader

IGG Games and Steam Workshop Downloader are the game downloading platforms that enable users to download many games. However, there are many differences between IGG Games and Steam Workshop downloaders.

Major Differences

IGG Games helps to download large diversity of videos on PC, while Steam Workshop Downloader enables users to download action games and RPGs. Moreover, users can update their games. Steam Workshop   Downloader uploads the latest levels of fun. Let us briefly discuss the significant differences between these platforms.

What are IGG Games?

It is a website-based platform that allows users to download games for their desktops. IGG Games is a Chinese games development company that came into being in 2006. The games it offers are free of cost. Moreover, users can get links to all the famous games through this platform, which makes them more prominent.

Furthermore, IGG Games is a completely safe, secure, and legal website that makes it more reliable. But this website has many ads that are sometimes automatically downloaded instead of actual games. It is easy to download games from its platform.


  • A considerable number of games
  • Safe and secure downloading
  • Legitimate
  • Wide variety
  • Legal and free of cost

What is a Steam Workshop downloader?

Steam Workshop downloader is one of the best websites that enable users to download mods, wallpapers, changes, and other content of games. It is easy to organize and store an application with its help. Not only the game, but users can also download modes and wallpapers for free.

Furthermore, it provides other games about games like the name of the creator, year of creation, rating, owner’s country, and additional information. In addition, downloading from Steam Workshop Downloader is safe and secure.


  • Provides all details about games
  • Easy to access
  • Huge variety of games
  • Free of cost downloading
  • Modes of games

Key Differences between IGG Games and Steam Workshop Downloader

  1. IGG Games is a downloading platform, while Steam Workshop Downloader allows gaming and downloading.
  2. In contrast to Steam Workshop Downloader, IGG Games does not provide wallpapers and modes.
  3. IGG games do not provide updated games, while Steam Workshop Downloader delivers the latest content.
  4. In contrast to Steam Workshop Downloader, IGG Games does not provide update levels.
  5. IGG Games is more popular than Steam Workshop Downloader.
  6. IGG Games provides game details, while Steam Workshop Downloader does not do this.

Comparison chart of IGG Games vs. Steam Workshop Downloader:

Features IGG Games Steam Workshop Downloader
Founded in 2006 2011
New levels Yes Not
Number of games A large number of games Comparatively less
Additional feature Details of games Download the mods


We can say that IGG Games and Steam Workshop Downloader are pretty different. We hope that your confusion is now eliminated.

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