Imgur vs.

Imgur vs. is two sharing and viewing websites that refer to sharing and viewing content with anyone. In Imgur, users can share content such as photos, videos, memes, reviews, GIFs, stickers, posts, and more.

Major Differences also does some work, but it provides services for forums. Moreover, Imgur is a more satisfying website as compared to refers to its courtesy for free, while Imgur is costly. Let us discuss the main differences between Imgur and in detail.

What is Imgur?

Imgur is a sharing website that refers to uploading, sharing, and viewing images, videos, memes, and more. Imgur is a file-sharing platform and photo-sharing tool. Also, users can view files online. Moreover, Imgur does not demand any registration fee. Imgur allows keeping a private gallery option on your device.

Furthermore, it is a self-hosted intranet or private cloud. The main focus of Imgur is to take care of users’ privacy. In addition, it also refers to editing images and videos. Lastly, Imgur supports activity pub and is a social network website.


  • Federated
  • Social network
  • Edit the images
  • View files online
  • No registration required
  • Photo organization
  • Photo sharing website

What is is a file-sharing platform that allows users to share content with anyone. does not demand any registration fee. Moreover, it is an image and file-sharing platform from one device to another. is available on all Android, smartphones, iOS, and other devices.

Furthermore, it allows the users to direct and automatically upload the files. Also, refers to keeping private gallery services. is used to edit images and view files online. In addition, it is self-hosted in the intranet or private cloud.


  • Private gallery
  • Direct file uploading
  • View files online
  • View hosting
  • Anonymous upload
  • Photo sharing
  • Lightweight

Key Differences between Imgur and

  1. org allows importing of images. On the other hand, Imgur does not offer this service.
  2. There is a service of screenshot tool in, but Imgur does not provide this service.
  3. supports multiple accounts, whereas Imgur does not keep it.
  4. is lightweight, while Imgur is not lightweight.
  5. Imgur is decentralized, while is not decentralized.
  6. Imgur refers to weather alerts, whereas does not offer this service.

Comparison table between and Imgur

Features Imgur
Decentralization Not decentralized Decentralized
privacy Do not focus on privacy Focus on privacy
Screenshot tools offer Does not offer
Lightweight Yes Not


We can say that both and Imgur are different. They are serving in their respective fields. Although there are many differences between and Imgur, they are becoming more popular.

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