JibJab vs. Elf Yourself

JibJab and Elf Yourself are brilliant entertainment platforms where consumers can find many videos. Despite many similarities, there are a lot of differences between these platforms.

Main Difference

JibJab is the entertainment studio-based platform, while Elf Yourself is the site for interactive face filters and emojis. JibJab enables its consumers to customize different styles on their pictures, whereas Elf Yourself enables its consumers to customize their face photos into funny ones. In addition, there are also many other differences between these tools. Let us discuss them.

What is JibJab?

JibJab is an interactive tool for digitally customizing cards, images, and photos. It is an American Entertainment studio based in Brooklyn 24 years ago(in 1999). There are massive tools for creating funny content that make people laugh. People utilize it to make funny videos, photos, and Ecards for different occasions to send their loved ones. In addition, JibJab has a massive range of tech tools for funny content that makes millions of people laugh. In addition, JibJab is available to people the whole year.


  • Best creative tools
  • Easy to access
  • Creation of funny content
  • Easy to use
  • World-class technology

What is Elf Yourself?

Elf Yourself is an interactive app for the creation of dance videos. It was founded 17 years ago (in 2006). Consumers need to put the face of their loved ones in the template, which will automatically convert into a video. This platform has created more than two billion elves since its evolution. Moreover, this app makes postcards for Christmas and other events. In addition, Elf Yourself is a studio app for creating short films, which consumers can upload on different sites. It comes in specific holiday seasons and requires a royal pass subscription to unlock all its features.


  • Dance pictures
  • Easy to access
  • Customization of dance videos
  • Christmas templates
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable

Key Differences between JibJab and Elf Yourself:

  1. JibJab helps to create funny videos, while Elf Yourself helps to make dance videos.
  2. JibJab came into being in 1999, whereas Elf Yourself started its services in 2006.
  3. JibJab, in contrast to Elf Yourself, do not have paid version.
  4. JibJab has a whole-body video personalization feature, while Elf Yourself has only face customization features.
  5. JibJab is available to consumers throughout the year, while Elf yourself is available only on holidays.
  6. JibJab has more range of advanced fun tools as compared to Elf Yourself.

Comparison Table Between JibJab vs. Elf Yourself

Feature JibJab Elf Yourself
Launching 1999 2006
Basic feature Funny content Dance content
Availability Whole season In holidays only
Subscription mode No Yes


In a nutshell, we can say that JibJab and Elf Yourself are pretty different. They have distinct features and are used on other occasions. These apps serve people with their best services.

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