Jolleyjerk vs. Chatroulette

Jollyjerk and Chatroulette are online video and text chatting platforms where consumers can talk with strangers. Jollyjerk and Chatroulette are the best socializing apps that help people to connect with people around the globe. Moreover, there is no registration requirement to avail of the services of these chatting apps.

Main Difference

Despite many similarities, Jollyjerk and Chatroulette are different in various aspects. Jolleyjerk is designed for adult-oriented video chats, while Chatroulette serves for random video chats. Let us discuss the significant differences between these platforms.

What is Jolly Jerk?

Jolly Jerk is an online chatting website where you connect hundreds of people in a single click. If people are living in any country, they randomly connect to Jolly Jerk. On this website, many users tell a lie. If you want to secure new people and enjoy the company of strangers, Jolly Jerk is best for you. Moreover, you can connect the exciting people. This website’s mission is to bring people close. You can find conservation the stranger all over the world.


  • Easy to access
  • Free chatting
  • Chatting the stranger from all over the world
  • Bring close to the people

What is Chatroulette?

Chatroulette is one of the best random video chat platforms that help consumers talk with people around the globe. Andrew Ternovskiy in 2009 for those people who do not want to show their identity while talking to others. Users can always find thousands of people online here and talk with them there. Moreover, users can make webcam chat with girls and spend time with them. Chatroulette often faces criticism due to its weak moderation policies and that anonymous use it for immoral purposes. However, it is a top-class video chat platform where boys can find thousands of girls always online.


  • Random video chat
  • Text chat
  • Gender filters
  • Location filters
  • Random Chats
  • Easy to access
  • Weak moderation policies
  • Report and blocking

Key Differences between Jolleyjerk and Chatroulette

  1. Jollrjerk is useful for adult-oriented chat, while Chatroulette is for random video chats.
  2. Jolleyjerk is a more popular platform in comparison to Chatroulette.
  3. Jolleyjerk has no filters, while Chatroulette has gender and location filters.
  4. Jolleyjerk has more strict moderation policies in comparison to Chatroullete.
  5. Jollyjerk is not a free-of-cost platform, while Chatroulette is a free-chatting platform.
  6. Chatroulette has more users in comparison to Jollyjerk.

Comparison table Between Jollyjerk vs. Chatroulette

Feature Jollyjerk Chatroulette
User-friendly Yes No
Check and Balance Strict Moderate
Service charges Yes No
Useful for Adult oriented chat Random chats


In a nutshell, we can say that Jollyjerk and Chatroulette are pretty different. They differ in terms of their features and functions.

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