Difference Between Left Wing and Right Wing

Left Wing and Right Wing are two political terms that we use to describe the beliefs and ideologies of politics. Political influenced by historical and cultural factors. Both wings are similar in many ways and have some key differences.

Left Wing believes in progressive taxation, greater regulation of business, and government-funded social programs. Right Wing, on the other hand, supports small government, low taxes, and fewer laws of companies.

Main Difference

Both Wings emphasize justice, equality, individualism, and others. Many people are confused about the differences between left and Right Wings. Let us discuss the main differences between the Left and Right Wings to justify them.

What is Left Wing?

Left Wing is a political term that describes different political ideologies and beliefs. The beliefs of the Left Wing emphasize equality, justice, rules and regulations, and collectivism. It supports government-funded institutes, education, healthcare, progressive taxation, and social programs.

Moreover, Left Wing supports more excellent laws for businesses and the security of workers’ Rights. Furthermore, it supports various ideologies like civil liberties, environmentalism, and multiculturalism. The left Wing favors government intervention in the economy and socialism to ensure social welfare. In addition, Left Wing prefers sustainability and environmental protection. It supports immigration, abortion rights, and racial equality.


  • Supports collectivism
  • Supports multiculturalism
  • Support diplomacy
  • Focus on social issues
  • Emphasizes environmental protection

What is Right Wing?

Right Wing is a term that people use to define political terms, beliefs, theories, and ideologies. The ideas that Right Wing supports include smaller government, free market capitalism, and economic intervention. It emphasizes individualism, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.

Moreover, it is an excellent political faction for flat taxation and lower taxes. Right Wing supports laissez-faire policies and opposes government intervention in the economy. Unlike Left Wing, Right Wing collides with government-funded programs. In addition, the social issues that the Right Wing supports include conservative social policies and traditional values.


  • Support assertive foreign policy
  • It tends to solve the social issues
  • Emphasizes individualism
  • Opposes government-funded programs

Key Differences between Left Wing and Right Wing

  1. Left Wing emphasizes collectivism, whereas Right Wing emphasizes uniqueness.
  2. Left Wing supports government-funded social programs. On the other hand, Right Wing opposes government-funded programs.
  3. Left Wing supports greater taxation, while Right Wing supports the lower tax.
  4. Left Wing supports greater regulation of businesses, while Right Wing supports less regulation of companies.
  5. Left Wing supports flexible immigration policies, whereas Right Wing supports stricter immigration policies.

Comparison Table

Aspects     Left Wing Right Wing
Social Philosophy Supports collectivism Supports individualism
Emphasizes on Equality, justice Personal responsibility, free market
Taxation Supports greater taxation Supports lower taxation
Regulation of business Supports greater regulation of businesses Supports less regulation of businesses


We conclude that Left Wing and Right Wing are pretty different. Both factions support different beliefs, ideologies, and laws.

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