Liberal vs. Conservative

Liberal and conservative are two types of people with different ideologies on social and ethical issues. Firstly, a Liberal is open-minded with a good sense of right or wrong.

Main Difference

It generates equality between all people in a country. On the other hand, conservatives are those persons that are bitterly narrow-minded as compared to liberals.

Moreover, many people do not know the difference between Liberal and Conservative. Let us discuss the main difference between Liberal and Conservative.

What is Liberal?

A person who has a strong belief in liberalism is called a liberal. The phenomenon of liberalism is well-known all over the world. Moreover, it is the name of equality. Liberals help to highlight the human rights between men and women.

Furthermore, its ideology is to provide equal rights to all citizens. The phenomenon of liberalism is not so old, and many countries work according to this belief. In addition, Liberals do not allow or support a free market system. Lastly, Liberals support the social welfare state on an international level.


  • Open-minded
  • Equality
  • Focus on human rights
  • Stable
  • Morality
  • Liberty
  • Work for social welfare
  • Pro-federalists
  • Do not support free market

What is Conservative?

A person who has a firm belief in conservatism is called a Conservative. The conservative system is more stable as compared to others. The main focus of conservatives is the order of society.

Moreover, conservatism is ancient, and many countries, such as America, are using this concept for running the country matters. Furthermore, Conservatives follow tradition, culture, moral values, and ethics. They are very concerned about their religion and do not allow anyone to speak against their faith.


  • More stable
  • Support the free market
  • Classical phenomenon
  • Anti-federalist
  • Follow religion
  • Intense for religion
  • Follow culture
  • Prevent traditions
  • Widely using

Key Differences between Liberal and Conservative

  1. Liberal is not in the right of the free market system. On the other hand, conservatives support the free market system.
  2. Liberal works on social welfare, while Conservative does not support it.
  3. Liberals are open-minded as compared to Conservatives.
  4. Liberals do not have the desire for stability, while Conservatives have a craving for peace.
  5. The concept of conservatism is older as compared to Liberalism
  6. The system of Pro-Federalist. On the other hand, liberals are Anti-Federalists.

Comparison table between Liberal and Conservative

Features Liberal Conservative
Openers differents Open-minded Narrow-minded
Stability Do not desire stability Stable
Morality Less moral Move moral
Free makes Not support free market system Support a free market system
Existence Not comparatively old Old


In a nutshell, we can say that both Liberal and Conservative are different. These are different approaches from other people.

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