Magnet Tool vs. ButterSnap Tool – Differences & Comparison

Magnet and ButterSnap are brilliant Windows management tools of macOS that perform window-related functions smoothly. Both tools serve to make changes on Windows on PC screens. These macOS tools are effective in the maintenance of sizes of Windows macOS devices.

Main Difference

ButterSnap provides the tools for resizing Windows, while Magnet has simple user interference. Despite many similarities Magnet and BytterSnap differ in several features and functions. Let us discuss the significant differences between them.

What is the ButterSnap tool?

ButterSnap is one of the best macOS tools that assist in managing the size of Windows. With the help of shortcuts and snap gestures, consumers can easily maintain the position and size of Windows tabs on their screens.

They can shift them either left or right, up or down. This app is available on the Mac App store with free to download facility. This tool has been serving to improve the workflow of consumers and enhance their capabilities. Moreover, the resizing of Windows helps maintain different tabs properly. ButterSnap is entirely a paid tool that is available at an economical price.


  • Easy to access
  • Windows resizing
  • Windows positioning
  • Workflow management
  • Legitimate

What is Magnet Tool?

Magnet is also a Windows management tool of macOS based on a grid system for positioning and resizing Windows. It has drag-and-drop gestures for the resizing of Windows. Moreover, consumers can place the Windows bars on their desirous positions, either left or right, according to their ease.

In addition, Magnet allows consumers to customize their grid configurations for better Windows placement. Magnet has a free trial version where a one-time purchase is necessary to avail of its services. Millions of people use Magnet Tool to manage Windows on their macOS systems.


  • Easy to access
  • Grid configuration customization
  • Drag and drop gesture
  • Legitimate
  • Free trial

Key Differences between ButterSnap and Magnet tools

  1. ButterSnap has simple interference, whereas Magnet has more extensive interference.
  2. ButterSnap, unlike Magnet, does not have a grid configuration customization feature.
  3. ButterSanp has a customizable drag and gesture feature, whereas Magnet has drag and drop and keyboard shortcuts.
  4. ButterSnap is easier to use as compared to the Magnet tool.
  5. Magnet is more flexible regarding grid customization and configuration in comparison to ButterSnap.
  6. ButterSnap does not have a free trial feature, while Magnet has a free trial feature.

Comparison table of ButterSnap vs. Magnet tool

Feature ButterSnap Magnet
Interference Simple Extensive
Grid Configuration No Yes
Free trial No Easy
Easy to use Yes Yes


In a nutshell, we can say that ButterSnap and Magnet are pretty different. They are different in terms of their features and functions. Magnet has an accessible trial facility, while ButterSbap lacks this facility.

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