Management vs. Administration – Comparison & Differences

Management and Administration are managing systems. First, Management is a systematic path that contains the things to live in an organization.

Main Difference

The administration is also a managing tool, but it works at a high level. Management and Administration are functional in different management fields all over the world. Let us discuss Management and Administration intensely.

What is Management?

Management is a system that refers you to manage all your matters. It works at a business level. In this platform, professional people hire workers who operate all their designs in a managing way. Moreover, Management makes a group or function that works at a salary.

Furthermore, it controls all parts of an organization. It is the higher middle level. In addition, Management works under an administration. Management of an organization plays a vital role in its progress. Its primary goal is to achieve a global destination using the company’s resources or field. Let us discuss the main difference between Management and Administration.


  • Executive
  • Best platform for managing the system
  • Profitable tool
  • Helpful for achieving a goal
  • Huge range
  • Widely spreading
  • Requires talented workers
  • Good functions
  • Highest organization tool
  • Low-level Management

What is Administration?

The Administration is an organizational platform that manages business organizations. It is a high-level management system that controls an organization’s matters. Moreover, It is a global system that works in many managing fields. It plans the budget of the organization. Furthermore, the Administration makes policies for institutes and companies. It works for offices. Educational institutes like schools and colleges, business departments, and some others. In addition, the Administration higher tops high-ranked authority.


  • Best managing platfporm
  • Profitable platform
  • Works at the global level
  • Decision-making functions
  • Makes policies
  • Motivation system
  • Coordinating system
  • Widely spreading
  • Huge range

Key Differences between Management and Administration

  1. Management manages the systems in a proper way under the organization, while Administration manages the whole organization.
  2. The Management works on a low level. On the other hand, Administration is a high-level authority.
  3. The Management works to achieve local goals, while the Administration works to achieve global ones.
  4. Management focuses on working on policy, while Administration makes its policies.
  5. Management is a group, while Administration is a system or unit.
  6. The Administration is decisive, while Management is executive.
  7. The head of Management is the Manager, whereas, Administrator is the head of Administration.

Comparison table between Management and Administration

Features Management Administration
worker Manager Administrator
Roll Executive decisive
approach local global
level Low Level High Level


In a nutshell, we can say that Management and Administration are entirely different. They are specific in their specific function. These techniques are helpful in every field of life.