Microsoft Mail vs. Outlook: What’s the Difference?

Microsoft mail vs Outlook may sound like the names of futuristic spaceships, but it’s a question that plagues many Microsoft users. Whether you’re looking to switch to Outlook from Mail or vice versa, we can help you navigate the waters by demystifying these programs and what they have to offer you as an email user. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Microsoft mail vs Outlook in our helpful comparison guide!

Introduction To Microsoft Mail

Microsoft Mail is a free email client that allows users to send and receive emails from any computer connected to the internet. This program can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Introduction To Outlook

Outlook is a mail client that allows users to send and receive emails through their computers. It can be used to store messages in folders, view them in chronological order, search through your inbox, and even create custom rules to automatically sort incoming messages into different categories.

Key Differences between Microsoft Mail and Outlook

  • Microsoft mail is a free email client that comes pre-installed with Windows. It can be accessed from any computer running Windows. Outlook is a paid software program that runs on both Macs and PCs. It allows users to access their emails from multiple devices.
  • Both programs are capable of sending and receiving messages. However, they differ in how they handle attachments. With Microsoft mail, you can attach files directly to your message. You can even drag and drop them into the body of your email. In contrast, Outlook requires you to save the file first before attaching it.
  • Microsoft mail has a built-in calendar function. This makes scheduling meetings easier than with Outlook. Outlook does not have this feature.
  • Microsoft mail offers a search tool that lets you find specific emails based on keywords. Outlook does not offer this feature.
  • Microsoft mail has a contact list that shows who you’re corresponding with. Outlook does not have a similar feature.
  • Microsoft mail has a task manager that helps you organize your day. Outlook does not have anything like this.

Basics: Microsoft Mail and Outlook

Both Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook are products from Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft. When most people hear Office, they instantly think of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other apps designed for office productivity. But Office also includes email functionality. One version is known as Office Mail.

The other version is called Outlook. Here’s a look at both options to help you decide which one is right for you. – Which Office product do I need? If you use an older version of Windows or want to use something simple, then go with the free Office Mail app. But if you’re already using Outlook on your computer or want features like calendar management and contact syncing across all your devices, then go with Outlook instead. – Which device should I use? If you only need to read emails on your phone or tablet, then go with the free Outlook app.

Interface differences: Microsoft Mail and Outlook

The interface is not a defining factor in choosing your email client, however, there are some key differences between Outlook and Microsoft mail. Firstly, Microsoft mail uses tabs at the top of its window to navigate through folders and contacts, while outlook uses side tabs to allow users to do this. Another key difference is that you can choose whether to have all your emails displayed in one big list or displayed by conversation.

Additional features: Microsoft Mail and Outlook

Quickly create a to-do list, get reminders and email support, store files online and organize them into projects, and access your inbox through Outlook on any device including your smartphone. Keep in mind that you’ll need a Microsoft Office 365 subscription to get full functionality out of Office 365 (you can always use Office on your PC or Mac for free). If you don’t have it already, Microsoft will automatically sign you up for a free trial when you purchase an Office 365 subscription.

Price: Microsoft Mail and Outlook

It is easy to set up a Microsoft email address with Hotmail, but it doesn’t come without cost. The basic version is free, however, if you want increased storage space and a larger inbox limit, there are options to upgrade. One of these upgrades is called Hotmail Plus and costs $60 per year. Another option available to Hotmail users is Office 365 which gives you access to Microsoft’s Word program, Excel Spreadsheet, and Outlook Calendar.

Comparison Chart Between Microsoft Mail and Outlook Express

Comparison Outlook Windows Mail
View/Send mail from Shared Mailboxes Yes No
Access to Public Folders Yes No
Categorize messages Yes No
Ignore conversation Yes No
Clean up thread Yes No
Apps for Office Yes No
Unsubscribe to mass emails Yes No
MailTips Yes No
Follow Up Flag (creating email) Yes No
Send email as plain text Yes No
Create Inbox rules Yes No
Local Email storage Yes No
Contacts list Yes No
Highlight terms in search results Yes No
Open colleagues’ calendars Yes No


Although Microsoft mail and Outlook are created by different companies, they both have a lot of similarities. Both email applications help you send and receive emails and both make it easy to keep track of all your important emails. These two apps also allow you to schedule appointments, create and manage contacts, set up reminders, add tasks to your calendar and view your calendar in different views. There are some differences between Microsoft mail and Outlook.