Moj vs. Sharechat

Moj and Sharechat are two social media platforms that create videos and share them with friends. Sharechat is an Indian app that refers to sharing of content or documents with others and allows making new friends.

Main Difference

Moj is also an Indian social media app for creating short videos. Moreover, both have slight differences between them. Let us discuss the main differences between Moj and Sharechat to clarify people’s confusion.

What is Moj?

Moj is an Indian social media application that makes short videos or clips. It works like TikTok; it is the replacement for TikTok. Moj allows one to make a video of only 15 seconds. Moreover, it is a source of entertainment. Thousands of people earn millions of rupees by uploading their videos on this platform. If your video is trending and you have thousands of followers, many brands contact you and offer sponsorship.

Furthermore, Moj is a safe, secure, and legal application released in 2020. In addition, it is available in 15 Indian languages. Moj has become the most famous social media platform, and millions of people use this app for earning or entertainment.


  • Source of entertainment
  • Way of earning
  • Variety of filters
  • Available in various languages
  • Lip syncing
  • Good quality videos
  • Use friendly app
  • Simple interface

What is Sharechat?

Sharechat is also a social media application that India introduced. It is a networking application on which users can share their snaps with friends. Not only photos but also refers to sharing videos, songs, and other content with their friends and users of Sharechat. Moreover, Sharechat is also a communication-based application. Furthermore, 250 million users are using this application monthly. The messages keyboard is available in about 14 languages. In addition, users can share their official content, such as posters and flyers, on this application.


  • Source of entertainment
  • Networking application
  • Content sharing application
  • Widely using application
  • Way of communication
  • The keyboard is available in 14 languages

Key Differences between Moj and Sharechat

  1. Moj is available on all androids iphone and iPads, while Sharechat is just on SaaS.
  2. Moj has a limited time for videos, whereas Sharechat has no limit.
  3. Sharechat is older as compared to Moj.
  4. Moj is safer as compared to Sharechat.
  5. Sharechat offers to make new friends, while this service is unavailable on Moj.

Comparison table between Moj and Sharechat

Features Moj Sharechat
Released in 2020 2015
Available on iPhone, iPad, Android SaaS
Time limitation 15 seconds No limit
Additional features Share videos Make new friends


In a nutshell, we can say that both Moj and Sharechat are different. They have different functions and features.

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