Newspaper vs. Magazine

Newspapers and Magazines are two sources of print media that are widely studying in all over the world.

Main Difference

Newspapers provide information on all current issues and entertaining content. On the other hand, Magazine is also a print media source, but it gives more accurate and detailed knowledge of all topics.

Moreover, these topics include entertainment and showbiz, weather, political issues, paper games, and many more things in one place. Let us discuss the main differences between newspapers and magazines in detail.

What is a Newspaper?

Newspaper is a source of social media that provides you with all the current issues. It is a folded paper whose color is white and grey, and the printed words are black. The Newspaper refers you to read the part of your own choice. You can read it off-hand and briefly. Moreover, the quality of the paper is deficient. Users can buy it at an affordable price.

Furthermore, the length of the articles is short. It gives information about wheater, political, economic, social, entertainment, buying and selling plots and houses, and much more. In addition, writing articles is very simple.


  • It gives information on all current issues, entertaining pieces, and upcoming drama and movie updates.
  • Text is effortless
  • Precisely brief you
  • Black and white background

What is Magazine?

A magazine is a source of print media that provides all national and international news details. A magazine is a booklet that is available everywhere. Magazines are the latest source of entertainment. It gives the viewers all information, such as interviews and articles of celebrities, current national and international issues, economic issues, and much more content they want to watch. Moreover, the quality of the Magazine is very high. Users can read it again and again.

Furthermore, it is also a source of spending free time. In addition, the Magazine publishes periodically. Lastly, it provides many images. Magazine also refers to stories and paper games such as chess, Suduko, letter matching, and more.


  • Provides information on current issues in detail
  • Source of entertainment
  • Best way to spend free time
  • Refers to updates of the weather forecast
  • Gives news of showbiz updates

Key Differences between Newspaper and Magazines

  1. A newspaper is a folded paper. On the other hand, Magazine is a booklet.
  2. The Magazine provides detailed information, whereas the Newspaper refers to brief details.
  3. Newspaper is available at an affordable price, while Magazine is expensive.
  4. The quality of the Magazine is very high compared to the Newspaper.
  5. A magazine is made of colored paper, while a newspaper is made of black & white paper.
  6. Newspaper is mostly text, while Magazine refers to images and text equally.

Comparison table between Newspaper and Magazines

Features Newspaper Magazines
Length of article Short length Long length
Background Grey or white Colored
Quality Low quality Highest quality
Read time Read ones Read multiple
Publication Daily, weekly, monthly periodically


In a nutshell, we can say that both newspapers and magazines are different. They are an essential source of information and entertainment.

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