Nmap vs. Masscan

Nmap refers to you finding everything that is connected to your network. Moreover, Nmap and Masscan are highly using scanners all over the world. Many people are confused about that exact meaning and the differences between both. To clarify their confusion, let us discuss the main differences between Nmap and Masscan in detail.

Major Differences

Nmap and Masscan are two scanning devices that quickly provide network information. Both platforms are free of cost and open-source around the world. Masscan is the most significant part scanner that can quickly monitor everything related to the network.

What is Nmap?

Nmap is a scanner that detects all information related to the network. It tells the host of the scanner. Also, it refers to the service of the web. Moreover, Nmap refers to scanning the network, and users can find everything that is connected to the network. It provides an extensive range of pieces of information about that connection.

Furthermore, it is the fastest and safe platform for users. In addition, the complete form of Nmap is a network mapper. Lastly, Nmap allows watching services that a network provides. Nmap is a good choice for hackers. It can scan 1000 parts.


  • Detect host
  • Open-source program
  • Free of cost
  • Port scanner
  • Highest capability to scan
  • Scan the network
  • Detect connected networks
  • Discover operating services

What is Masscan?

Masscan is a well-known worldwide tool for port scanning. It is an established platform to scan the network. It works very quickly and browses the web in a concise duration. It is an open-source tool, and users can use it for free. Moreover, it can broadcast 25 million packets in just one second.

Furthermore, it can scan a network on a large scale and benefit the internal network. In addition, Masscan can browse the entire IPv4 internet within 5 minutes. It uses asynchronous scanning. Masscan is a more legit and trustworthy tool for scanning for large-scale surveys, and users are entirely delighted or reliable with their use. On the flip side, it is a thousand times faster than Nmap. Lastly, Masscan is a worldwide famous scan port.


  • Worldwide famous port scanner
  • Highest speed
  • Good performance
  • Best Functionality
  • Free of cost
  • Open-source tool
  • Use asynchronous

Major differences between Nmap and Masscan

  1. Masscan is a thousand times quicker as compared to Nmap.
  2. Nmap discovers the networks, whereas Masscan scans the ports.
  3. Soley developed Masscan, while Nmap is not a part of it solely.
  4. Masscan uses asynchronous scanning, while Nmap does not use it.
  5. Nmap is comparatively slower than Masscan.
  6. Nmap only works on ethernet networks, whereas Masscan also supports internal networks.

Comparison table between Nmap and Masscan

Features Masscan Nmap
Speed Highest speed Comparatively low speed
Functionality Discover the networks Scan the port
Best for Discovering the services Transmit the pockets
Mode Use asynchronous scanning It does not use asynchronous


In a nutshell, we can say that both Nmap and Masscan are different. We hope you are now well aware of their main differences.

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