Nvidia GeForce GTX vs. Nvidia GeForce RTX

Nvidia GeForce is the world’s most famous and top-rated graphics development platform. Nvidia is best known for developing graphic cards and assists Laptop companies in manufacturing Gaming laptops. Nvidia GeForce is an essential component of every gaming setup.

Major Differences

Nvidia GeForce GTX and Nvidia GeForce RTX are the variants of Nvidia GeForce. Some people know the differences between GTX and RTX versions, but most illustrate the significant differences between GTX and RTX series. This section will briefly discuss the differences between the Nvidia GeForce GTX series and Nvidia GeForce RTX.

What is Nvidia GeForce GTX?

Nvidia GeForce GTX is the advanced form of graphic card developed by Nvidia. Its major versions include GTX 1080, GTX 960, GTX 1060, and GTX 870. It was launched in 2008 and is now one of the best graphic cards in the world. RTX is designed for Desktops and Laptop gaming. Its best form is the 16-series GTX.


  • DDR 5 Memory interference
  • 384 CUDA core
  • 0 Memoer bandwidth
  • Easy to access
  • Best graphic experience
  • 14000 MHz processor

What is Nvidia GeForce RTX?

RTX series of graphic cards by Nvidia GeForce is one of the advanced platforms for Al Technologies and has revolutionized the gaming system of the world. It is one of the advanced versions by Nvidia GeForce.

RTX has the most advanced streaming capabilities, the primary reason behind its fame. It has Al accelerated performance, working in the world’s fastest GPUs. It has innovative fast-track features.


  • Al voice and video service
  • Compatible with the fastest GPUs
  • Easy to access
  • Built-in streaming features
  • Low system latency
  • 14 GPS memory speed

Differences Between Nvidia GeForce GTX and GeForce RTX series

  1. Nvidia GeForce GTX does not have a ray tracing system, while RTX has this feature.
  2. RTX graphic cards are more powerful than GTX cards.
  3. GTX is the abbreviation of Giga Texel Shader Extreme, while RTX is the abbreviation of Ray Tracing Texel Extreme.
  4. GTX does not have ray tracing, while RTX uses Tensor cores.
  5. GTX, in contrast to RTX, does not have DLSS capability.
  6. GTX does not have adaptive sharing, while RTX has adaptive sharing.

Comparison Chart of Nvidia GeForce GTX vs. Nvidia GeForce RTX series

Feature GTX series RTX series
Full Form Giga Texel Extreme Ray Tracing Texel
Ray Tracing No Yes
DLSS capability No Yes
Advancement Less More


We can say that Nvidia GeForce GTX and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphic cards are quite different. They have other capabilities and provide their best services at economical rates.