Ocean Of Games vs. Skidrow Codex

Ocean Of Games and Skidrow Codex are gaming platforms where users can download games for PC. Ocean Of Games is a game downloading platform you can download on Ocean Of Games, are shown in the name. On the other hand, Skidrow Codex is a platform where anyone can easily download many games on their PCs.

Main Difference

But Skidrow Codex refers to safer and more virus-free games than Ocean Of Games. Let us discuss the main differences between Ocean Of Games and Skidrow Codex to clarify the confusion of people who don’t know the exact difference between both.

What is Ocean Of Games?

Ocean Of Games is a well-known downloading platform where users can download many games on their PCs. Downloading games from Ocean Of Games is entirely safe and secure. There is no virus in games. But it isn’t enjoyable to view several ads. Moreover, users can download all kinds of games, such as mystery games, fighting, puzzle solutions games, horror, adventure, action, sports games, coin collecting games, fashion games, and much more variety of games.

Furthermore, Ocean Of Games is an actual website, but the bad thing is that this site is illegal. In addition, Ocean Of Games is a worldwide largest game developing website. The headquarter is in England that is open 24 hours. Lastly, this site was launched in 1983; at this time, Ocean Of Games was part of the parent company.


  • Virus-free
  • Real website
  • Safe and secure
  • Trustworthy
  • Provides full PC games

What is Skidrow Codex?

Skidrow Codex is a game downloading platform that downloads many games for PC. Skidrow Codex is entirely safe and secure. Moreover, this website is included in highly recommended game downloading sites. The games in Skidrow Codex are real and virus free. But the thing is terrible, that is ads. Because of ads, it isn’t easy to download to exact games that users want to download. Sometimes, it often downloads ad games. Moreover, it is easy to download on a PC and free of cost to download the games.


  • Antivirus games
  • Free download
  • Easy to download
  • Huge variety of games
  • Safe and secure

Major differences between Ocean Of Games and Skidrow Codex

  1. Ocean Of Games is a more trusted website as compared to Skidrow Codex.
  2. Ocean Of Games has a wide variety of games compared to Skidrow Codex.
  3. Ocean Of Games is more secure than Skidrow Codex.
  4. Skidrow Codex refers to more ads that make it unsafe. On the other hand, Ocean Of Games refers to fewer ads.
  5. Ocean Of Games was launched in 1983, while Skidrow Codex was introduced in 1986.

Comparison table between Ocean Of Games and Skidrow Codex

Features Ocean Of Games Skidrow Codex
Launched by David Ward and Jon Woods Bassist Bolan and Guitarist Dave
Launched date 1983 1986
Safety More secure Comparatively less safe
Variety Huge variety Comparatively safe
Virus Virus-free Antivirus
Ads Less number of ads A vast number of ads


We can say that both Ocean Of Games and skidrow and Codex are different. There are a lot of differences in their features.

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