Outer Join vs. Inner Join

Outer Join and Inner Join are matching or unmatching tables showing different product quantities. We use these joins to get results from both tables. Inner Join is a join in which two table collapse. The merging area is called Inner Join, which gives records for related information.

Main Difference

Outer Join provides information on matched and unmatched tables. Inner Joins and Outer Joins combine tools from two tables. Moreover, many people are confused about the difference between Inner Join and Outer Join. Let us clarify the main differences between Inner Join and Outer Join.

What is Inner Join?

Inner Join is a tool that we use for comparing two relations. In this Join, only joining tools are matched. In only matching parts from both tables. The matching part size is comparatively small compared to the outer, left, or suitable Join. Moreover, it has no types for the inner part. We can also say it is Natural Join. Inner Join works and uses for getting information between two relations.

Furthermore, to clarify it, we see an example. In the first box, take the naming information of all students. On the other hand, in writing the department info. Then use the concept of Inner Join, and you will get your required data.

What is Outer Join?

Outer Join is a joining concept that we use for comparing or combining two relations. It is the alternative to the Inner Join. In this Join, we write only this information which has some data. It combines all the tools of both relations. Moreover, it has many types: full outer Join, left outer Join, and right Outer Join. Furthermore, it refers to comparatively large data because it combines the info of both tables. In addition, Outer Join is very useful for users to get their required information.

Major Difference between Outer Join and Inner Join

  1. Inner Join combines only the matching tool; on the other hand, Outer Join combines all the information from both relations.
  2. Outer Join refers to extensive data as compared to Inner Join.
  3. Outer Join has various types compared to Inner Join, such as Right Outer Join, Left Outer Join, and Full Outer Join.
  4. Outer Join has a wide range as compared to Inner Join.
  5. Outer Join is most useful as opposed to Inner Join.

Comparison table between Inner Join and Outer Join:

Features Inner Join Outer Join
Types No type Three types, named Full outer Join, left outer Join, and right outer Join
Database Comparatively more minor than other joins database Comparatively large data as compared to inner Join.
Basic Only matching tools from both tables All tables for both relation
Range Less range Wide range


In a nutshell, we can say that Inner Join and Outer Join are different terminologies. Their matching and comparing tools are unique. However, we would recommend you choose Outer Join.

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