PeopleFinder vs. Spokeo

PeopleFinder and Spokeo are search websites that find the records of people like family members, old friends, neighbors, and many more. PeopleFinder and Spokeo are online websites that give people personal data.

Main Difference

Both provide other people’s data like email dresses, phone numbers, and many more ┬áPeopleFinder and Stokeo provide criminal records, birth records, marriage records, and many more. Let us discuss the main difference between PeopleFinder and Spokeo in detail.

What is PeopleFinder?

PeopleFinder is a people search website in which people take the information of any person. Users can get public records and information through this website. PeopleFinder helps find the data of family, friends, neighbors, roommates, and many more people they lost.

In addition, they can give a criminal record, marriage record, court record, birth record, property record, and many records. If any people want their records not shown on the website, they remove themselves. In PeopleFinder, people’s personal information is available, and anyone can search for the age, phone number, email address, and relationship status of other people. It paid the user a small fee.


  • Easy to access
  • Paid less fee
  • Search the record of any person
  • Give accurate information
  • Trustable

What is Spokeo?

Spokeo is a website where users can search for the name of someone, their age, phone number, and much more information. People can search for their old friends, classmates, neighbors, and much more information; this website has billions of records.

Spokeo provides property records, marriage records, birth records, criminal records, and many records. This website offers the option to remove your data in this website. However, these websites confirm the searchers’ identity to ensure their platform’s safe use. Whenever you want, where ever you want, it is available to you.


  • A straightforward approach to this website
  • Provide the personal record
  • Give the accurate information
  • Option to remove your data

Key Differences between PeopleFinder and Spokeo

  1. PeopleFinder is an enterpriser, freelancer, and small and mid-business. On the other, Spokeo is specific for Spokeo.
  2. Spokeo provides its services 24 hours a, while PeopleFinder does not offer services for the whole day.
  3. Spokeo supports business hours, whereas PeopleFinder supports business hours.
  4. Spokeo is more accessible as compared to PeopleFinder.
  5. Spokeo features get total ratings, while PeopleFinder has no feature reviews.

Comparison table between PeopleFinder and Spokeo

Features PeopleFinder Spokeo
Design ratings No reviews Five stars
Nature Comparatively less easy Easier
Support Not for 24 hours For 24 hours
Good for Small and mid-size business Freelancer and enterprises


In a nutshell, we can say that both PeopleFinder and Spokeo are different. These platforms serve consumers with their best services. However, based on the following discussion, we suggest you use Spokeo.

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