PERT and CPM are the managing tools that help maintain uncertain and well-defined activities.

Main Difference

PERT is a managing platform we use to organize the unscheduling and controlling. On the other hand, CPM is also a managing platform, but it helps to manage well-defined activities. Moreover, PERT and CPM are useful for managing projects and achieving goals. Let us discuss the main difference between PERT and CPM in detail.

What is PERT?

We use PERT to manage our projects and different unknown and uncertain activities. The full name of PERT is Program Management and Review Technique. With this tool, you can plan your activities with no effort. Moreover, users can schedule and organize activities. Also, PERT coordinates and controls all unknown, unscheduled, and uncertain actions.

Furthermore, PERT has three estimations: A pessimistic Time, a reasonable time, and an optimistic time. In addition, the budget for time related to health. PERT is the best option.


  • Management tool
  • Plan to activities
  • Scheduling platform
  • Coordinate the profram
  • Control the projects
  • Un predictable activities
  • Widely using
  • Easy to access
  • Best for development programs

What is CPM?

CPM is the best management technique that helps you manage all your programs. The full name of CPM is Critical Path Method. Moreover, in the year 1950, it came into being. CPM is beneficial in planning well-defined activities. You can schedule your projects with the help of CPM, increasing your efficiency and rating in your working place. CPM applies to firms, organizations, and other management places.

Furthermore, coordinating and controlling the designed projects is very adorable and valuable. Also, CPM holds the cost and time. It deals with known, predictable, and scheduled tasks. In addition, CPM involves jobs of repetitive nature.


  • Well-defined activities
  • Repetitive nature
  • Predictable projects
  • Schedule the projects
  • Control the program
  • Coordinate the projects

Key Differences between PERT and CPM

  1. PERT deals with uncertain programs. On the other hand, CPM deals with well-defined programs.
  2. PERT refers to development projects, while CPM refers to construction projects.
  3. PERT is predictable, while CPM is a non-predictable program.
  4. On PERT, we deal with research programs. On the other hand, CPM deals with non-research projects.
  5. Crashing is applicable on CPM, while it is not applicable on PERT.

Comparison table between PERT and CPM

Features PERT CPM
Evolution Research Non-research
Estimation Three-time One time
Nature Non-repetitive Repetitive
Main focus Time Trading


In a nutshell, we can say that both CPM and PERT are different. They are helpful in fields and have provided their services for a long time. Management authorities apply these techniques and smoothly run their organizations.

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