Difference Between Plivo and Twilio

Plivo and Twilio are two well-known platforms that are widely using in all over the world. Both of these are communication-based platforms that make the connection between users.

Main Difference

These platforms are great for developers to add communication capabilities to their websites, applications, software, tools, and more with the help of website standards like REST and HTTP. Moreover, using these platforms, users can communicate with their loved ones through voice calls, video calls, and messaging. Let us discuss the main differences between Plivo and Twilio in detail.

What is Plivo?

Plivo is a popular cloud-based platform that helps developers to integrate communication capabilities into their websites, software, applications, and tools. This platform includes a massive range of features such as NR, conferencing, calls, messages, MMS, and more.

Moreover, Plivo supports many APIs like Ruby, PHP, C#, and others. Furthermore, Plivo can handle a high volume of traffic. With the help of Plivo, developers can add features like messaging and call in their software and apps instantly and effortlessly. There is no need for software or hardware to add features to the application.


  • Widely spreading
  • Good services
  • Easy to access
  • Wide range of features
  • Scalable
  • Capability to handle high volumes of traffic
  • Voice calls, messages
  • Quickest service
  • Fast communication
  • Large connectivity

What is Twilio?

Twilio is a famous cloud-based platform that offers stunning services to its users. This platform provides APIs for communication like video, voice, and messaging applications. Twilio allows developers to add communication capabilities for their internet channels, software, websites, applications, and tools by using standards of websites like REST, JSON, and HTTP.

Moreover, Twilio has a comparatively complex API. This platform demands more time, work, and effort to set up tools. Furthermore, it is cost-effective for the communication services such as messages, voice calls, and video calls.


  • Programmable voice
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Broadly spreading
  • Authentic
  • Flexibility
  • Scalable
  • Easy to access
  • Easily available

Key Differences between Plivo and Twilio

  1. Twilio is more accessible and more user-friendly as compared to Plivo.
  2. Plivo can manage phone numbers, while Twilio has not had this ability.
  3. Plivo supports IoT communication, while Twilio does not advocate IoT communication.
  4. Twilio is more comprehensive as compared to Plivo.
  5. The AIPs of Twilio are more straightforward as compared to Plivo.

Comparison Table

Features Plivo Twilio
Interface Easy to use Much easier to use
Comprehension Less comprehensive More comprehensive
Phone number management Has the ability to manage phone number Has no ability to manage phone number
Support Support IoT communication Does not support IoT communication


Overall, we can say that Plivo and Twilio are different digital communication tools. These platforms are other in several aspects, including interface, comprehension, management, support, etc.

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