Premier 3D vs. Imax 3D

Premier 3D and Imax 3D are great rivals of each other. They are pretty different from each in their features and quality.

Major differences

Premier 3D and Imax 3D are the world’s top-class platforms for 3D tools and consultancy services. Both companies are the giants of the 3D world. They deal with and fix the problems of 3D animations, movie making, and 3D glasses.

What is Premier 3D?

Premier 3D is one of the best platforms for 3D animation, consultancy, and devices. It is a global brand that improves your vision and changes your viewpoints. Moreover, 3D glasses of Premier 3D are one of the most famous 3D glasses in the world. It converts your 2D image into a 3D vision at a minimal cost. It is available everywhere at reasonable prices. It uses optical power through line polarizability. Premier 3D is the best platform for purchasing 3D glasses and other accessories at the best rates.


  • Best quality products
  • Best prices
  • Converter of 2D into 3D
  • Best polarizability
  • Massive variety

What is Imax 3D?

Imax 3D is the best product for 3D movies. It is a 3D glasses that are very suitable for everyone to watch 3D movies. Everyone can get this accessory in a larger size. Moreover, Imax 3D refers dual-nature projector system. It shows the quality of pictures very bright and clear.

Furthermore, the visibility of pictures is more visible than on 2D and 3D screens. Imax 3D are glasses as well as screens. In addition, it refers best audio and visual services. Lastly, most cinemas and theaters use Imax 3D to improve their services. It is not only compatible with premier 3D but also a formidable rival of it.


  • Easy to access
  • Safe
  • Best view quality
  • Affordable
  • Outstanding Quality

Major Differences between Premier 3D and Imax 3D:

  1. Premier 3D provides circular polarizability, while Imax 3D provides line polarizability.
  2. Premier 3D, in contrast to Imax 3D, provides 3D consultancy.
  3. The products of premier 3D are cheaper than Imax 3D.
  4. Premier 3D uses two projectors, while Imax 3D works with only one projector.
  5. Premier 3D uses a standard-size screen, while Imax 3D has a wide net.
  6. Premier 3D has simple glasses, while Imax 3D has convex lenses.
  7. Premier 3D has less number of cinemas compared to Imax 3D.

Comparison table of Premier 3D vs. Imax 3D

Premier 3D Imax 3D
Less common More common
It has line polarizability It has circular polarizability
Products are cheaper Products are costly
Provides 3D consultancy No such consultancy


In a nutshell, we can say that Premier 3D and Imax 3D are pretty different from each other in their functions. They have their distinct feature. However, we would recommend you prefer Imax 3D.

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