Primer vs. Foundation – Differences & Comparison

Primer and Foundation are two skincare and beauty products widely used for looking pretty. There is a vast difference between Primer and Foundation. Primer is a skin tone that is applied to the skin before makeup. It is helpful to remove lines from the face.

Main Difference

On the other hand, Foundation is a fantastic beauty product in liquid forms, such as cream. It is available in all colors that users use according to their skin color. Moreover, users use Prime commonly before the makeup, while Foundation uses it after applying Primer. Let us discuss the main differences between Primer and Foundation in detail.

What is Primer?

Primer is a skin care product that users use on the skin before makeup. It is helpful to remove lines and make the skin very smooth. It is the initial step of makeup. Moreover, it fills the pores. It is primarily available in three types: gel, cream, and powder. It helps the users for a long-lasting makeup time duration.

Furthermore, Primer hides the wrinkles, and it makes your glory. It creates a shiny layer and smoothness on the skin. In addition, it hides the spot from the skin. Users keep it in their bags and pockets for instant makeup. Lastly, Primer is an essential part of makeup. It is colorless and does not add any color to the skin.


  • It makes the skin smooth
  • Primer hides the wrinkles
  • Fills the pores
  • Necessary for the makeup
  • Does not add any color
  • Hides the spots

What is Foundation?

Foundation is an essential part of makeup. Mainly, users apply this product on the skin after applying Primer. Foundation is a fantastic skincare beauty product that covers the imperfection of the skin. It is available in all forms, including powder, cream, and liquid. Moreover, it is the second step of makeup. Users use some tools to apply it on the skin, such as brushes and sponges, and can also apply by fingers.

Furthermore, Primer is available in all shades in markets. Users buy Foundation according to their skin. In addition, Foundation covers the redness and flaws. Also, its moisture the skin.


  • Remove the redness from the skin
  • Covers the spots from the skin
  • Change the natural skin tons
  • Available in all shades
  • Customers can choose it according to their skin color

Key Differences between Primer and Foundation

  1. Primer is the first step of makeup. On the other hand, Foundation is the second step of makeup.
  2. Foundation changes skin’s natural color, while Primer does not alter skin tone.
  3. Foundation is more long-lasting as compared to Primer.
  4. The Foundation helps to make the skin shiny while Primer covers the pores.
  5. Foundation can be applied to the Primer, while Primer can not be used on the Foundation.
  6. Primer is applied by fingers, whereas brushes, fingers, and sponges can not use Foundation.
  7. Primer is clear, while Foundation matches all skin tones.

Comparison table between Primer and Foundation

Features Primer Foundation
Usage Smooth the skin Make shiny the skin
Shades Clear All shades
Applying tools Applied with fingers Applied with brushes, fingers
Applying for order First step 2nd step


In a nutshell, we can say that both Primer and Foundation are different. We hope that you are now awarded of the main differences between them.